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YD JOB ALERT: 3M is looking for a Senior Industrial Designer – Yanko Design


It’s formidable to suppose life though 3M. The RD-backed product and use association has most overwhelmed each domain of a life… from a medical field, to a kitchen, and from stationery and bureau supplies, to industrial products and chemicals (especially in a travel field). The association is obliged for tiny nonetheless poignant innovations like Scotch tape, Post-its, and scouring pads, to bigger innovations like 3M’s holistic Car-care program, their prolongation of high-quality vinyl, and even industrial-grade as good as medical-grade equipment, products, and supplies. The association is looking to sinecure a Senior Industrial Designer to join their Health Care Business Division during a 3M tellurian headquarter in Maplewood, Minnesota.


3M is pushing creativity and pattern as a rival height for creation and code globally to raise design-driven solutions for people and a world. We are looking for a Senior Industrial Designer for a Health Care Business Group to raise a pattern duty during a 3M Design Center, located in Maplewood, MN.

The chairman hired for a position of Senior Industrial Designer will work with, and during times, lead mixed functions of a Health Care Business Group. They will consistently identify, initiate, plan, and recommend, innovative pattern solutions that accommodate business and technical goals. The Senior Industrial Designer will be means to consistently take a lead in advancing and utilizing believe of design, product(s), and marketplace information. They will request a above information along with artistic and pattern meditative skills to yield pattern caring and support for a business.

Does your oddity enthuse we to suppose tomorrow’s solutions to today’s problems? Do we ever consternation how collaborative creativity can heighten creation and make swell possible? Or consternation if pattern can expostulate rival advantage for business, while also carrying a certain impact on a world? These are usually a few of a questions we ask during 3M Design each day. Our diverse, tellurian group not usually includes pattern talent from mixed artistic disciplines, though also achievement-oriented professionals who keep a engine going for clever operations to safeguard a pattern classification is universe class. We’re looking for artistic explorers who are vehement to be partial of a really moving tour of pattern during an creation association like 3M driven by curiosity.

This position provides an event to transition from other private, public, government, or troops environments to a 3M career.


Senior Industrial Designer primary responsibilities include, though are not singular to:
• Assumes a pattern caring purpose on particular projects and takes shortcoming for a altogether growth and smoothness of design.
• Initiates and establishes good operative relations with mixed functions of a business to support and promote a pattern execution of programs.
• Provides coaching and suspicion caring on pattern routine and execution for a business partners.
• Tactically adapts and tailors a pattern process/approaches to a specific plan or business needs.
• Delivers pattern calm as an particular writer in support of plan goals
• Expected to attend in technical or pattern vital formulation during a business level.
• Independently manages mixed projects.
• Handle pattern projects of vital range and complexity.
• Needs to have clever observational skills, end-user empathy, and a ability to code insights from several forms of qualitative research.
• Consistently combines artistic meditative and industrial pattern skills with attention trends to yield singular code experiences.
• Leads focus of pivotal corporate initiatives and suitable tools.
• Performs all duties in support of 3M Health Care Design expectations and responsibilities as good as any concluded on business section expectations.
• Candidates will be compulsory to yield a portfolio of non-confidential pattern work demonstrating pattern routine and/or pattern solutions.


Basic Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s grade or aloft (completed and accurate before to start) from an accredited university in Industrial Design or Product Design
• Minimum of 5 (5) total years of operative knowledge in industrial design, product design, and/or product growth in a private, public, supervision or troops environment

Preferred Qualifications:
• Health caring pattern experience
• Design investigate experience
• Excellent sketching and 2D/3D pattern program skills
• Experience in Rhino and/or SolidWorks and Adobe Creative Suite a clever plus
• Strong written, written and visible communication skills
• Strong pattern skills suitable to a corporate environment
• Demonstrated capabilities of estimating time schedules and operative towards assertive deadlines
• Demonstrated coherence in mixed charge assignments while progressing a high turn of accuracy
• Proven ability to broach peculiarity pattern solutions opposite mixed and sundry pattern challenges


Travel: Up to 10%
Relocation: Is authorized


Maplewood, MN, USA.


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