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X Prize Foundation Offers $10 Million For a Tricorder to Diagnose Patients

Labs-on-a-chip are useful collection for diagnosing diseases, though many can usually collect out one or dual illness signatures amid an array of symptoms. The X Prize Foundation, obliged for creation hurdles in anything from booster to oil spills, wants an all-purpose mobile device that can diagnose a studious improved than a doctor. A tricorder!

The substructure and wireless gadget-maker Qualcomm Inc. are hosting a $10 million esteem to rise a mobile evidence device, that they unequivocally are job a tricorder. It would mix wireless sensor technology, medical imaging, microfluidics and more.

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Gadgets, Rebecca Boyle, evidence testing, diagnostics, health, health care, medical devices, patients, star trek, x prizeThe device would concede users to fast consider someone’s health information and establish either they need veteran help. The idea is to diagnose people as good as or improved than a row of board-certified physicians, according to a X Prize people. Users would feasible breathe into some arrange of device or give a blood or urine sample, and a device would give an initial diagnosis.

On “Star Trek,” tricorders were handheld scanners able of examining several phenomena, including diagnosing diseases. The son of array creator Gene Roddenberry even gave a plan his stamp of approval.

The plea will incentivize giving consumers some-more health information, an X Prize news recover says.

Details are flattering unclear, though it seems like a foe would capacitate any mobile device to turn a tricorder of sorts: “This esteem will move understandable, simply permitted health information and metrics to consumers on their mobile devices, indicating them to progressing actions for care,” a recover says.

The X Prize Foundation and Qualcomm still have to come adult with a criteria for a contest, that they wish to do this year. The foe would launch in early 2012.

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