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Wynncom OGO O-77 Konnect – QWERTY social-networking phone [Review]

Wynncom OGO O-77 Konnect is a twin SIM (GSM+GSM), QWERTY phone with push-email support for Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail services powered by Synchronica – a renouned mobile gateway messaging service. Including support for present messaging and a entirely integrated amicable networking heart with support for web news feeds, a O-77 Konnect packs an engaging underline set. Let us find out how a O-77 Konnect fares amidst a likes of Byond Q99, LAVA B8, iBuzz i-Q3, and Micromax Q66…

Look and Feel

The O-77 Konnect comes with a standard Blackberry character front row design, joined with an visual trackpad, and usefully colour coded series keys on a QWERTY keypad. The silken black finish on a rest of a keypad and a bezel gives it a classical look, while a silken red behind row creates it mount out in crowd. A some-more composed black transmutable behind row has also been providel. The phone has decent build quality, however, we were not gratified with a blemish disposed aspect with a difference of a screen, that is good stable by a smudge-resistant sticker.

The keypad pattern doesn’t give a certain initial impression, due to a miss of responsiveness and close key-spacing. We have no complaints with induction a inputs correctly, while typing during a normal rate. For an SMS fanatic, a keys aren’t manageable adequate to capacitate faster typing and could be a hindrance. A small wider key-spacing competence have been a clincher. Just like a screen, a camera lens comes with a sticker, that is a neat and for a bill phone. The volume rocker symbol on a side adds to a phone’s usability and ergonomics. The home menu comprises of 4 menu screens also famous as widget menus identical to a bone-fide touchscreen phones. The menu UI supports a appropriate duty by a visual trackpad, that is dictated for well-spoken and discerning navigation. The trackpad is utterly manageable and a attraction can be customised by a phone settings, that is a large plus.


The 3.5mm audio jack, discerning entrance multimedia button, volume rocker and a visual trackpad consecrate a notable hardware facilities on a O-77 Konnect. Lets not forget a bundled phone tote and transmutable back-panel, that supplement value for money. On a program front, it comes preloaded with some engaging apps like Private menu, Docviewer, Synchronization, Melody composer, Photo editor, OGO zone, and News hunt, as good as suit sensor-based games.

On a amicable networking front, we have entrance to a common heart called “Snaptu”, that connects we to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa. In addition, it provides we entrance to news feeds, blogs and entertainment. Riding on Snaptu’s web services, a user has a payoff to get entrance to websites optimized for mobile browsing. Also, a user no longer has to implement a particular applications on a mobile, given Snaptu runs a applications from a local server. The O-77 Konnect will move we a ambience of both a social-networking and need-based customization during your fingertips. You could strengthen your personal information by securing it with a cue regulating a private menu, while synchronization allows we to facilely quit e-mails from one comment to another. If we are a song clean we will suffer a thought of component your possess song marks with tune composer and play your favorite marks or switch FM stations by only jolt a phone.

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