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Wireless Gadget Tweets Weather & Radiation Data In Real-Time

UC Technology Corp in Japan has grown a tiny tool that can calculate windy information such as temperature, humidity, illumination and deviation levels in a surrounding. Furthermore, a Tsubuyaku Sensor posts a information automatically on Twitter and can be noticed and common instantly.

The wireless device has built-in sensors and is means to twitter once any notation and users can check a information remotely on a amicable media site. The tie operation is around 40 meters though can be extended to 60 meters if plugged into a wall hollow to collect information serve away. The Tsubuyaku Sensor can run for a year on 3 AA batteries.

Prices start from $560 US for a bottom section and $286 US for any sensor. The device is ideal for food warehouses, plants and booze cellars where windy conditions need to be accurately monitored and maintained.

Watch a video next to see a proof of a Tsubuyaku Sensor.

UC Technology

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