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Wireless Gadget Gets Pregnant Women A Train Seat


South Korean sight passengers no longer need risk a annoyance of incorrectly implying a lady is pregnant. A commander module uses wireless sensors to trigger a light when a profound lady approaches a seat.

The ‘Pink Light’ module in Busan involves a women carrying a tiny guide that runs for 6 months on a singular battery. Whenever a guide comes tighten to a priority chair (one nearest a doorway) a tiny pointer beside a chair lights up.


The module is designed to grasp several goals. One is to understanding with a approach it’s not always apparent if a lady is profound and in larger need of a seat, along with a intensity annoyance of charity a chair to a lady who is not pregnant.

Another is to save time when a profound lady gets onto a swarming carriage and a chairman sitting in a priority chair can’t immediately see her. There’s also some amicable vigour as a light will make it transparent to everybody that a chairman in a chair is good wakeful somebody else needs it some-more than they do.

The module had a successful commander on one sight line and officials devise to extend it to a city’s whole train and rail network.

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