Wifi Watch, Catch The Time And Network

Wifi Watch, Catch The Time And Network

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Ok, are you a geek who takes a laptop everywhere with you and struggle to find a WiFi network to connect to. Do you find yourself moving around waving your laptop frantically trying to find a WiFi hotspot?. Well with the WiFi watch indicating the signal strength, struggling to find a good WiFi network could be a thing of the past. A scale of 0-8 indicates the strength of the wifi signal, and as an added bonus feature the watch actually tells the correct time.

– A smart digital watch with WiFi Detector.
– Pushing the watches’ WiFi button starts the detection process. The strength is shown numerically with 0 being the weakest and 8 the strongest.
– Time is displayed digitally, displaying the time in hours, minutes and seconds.
– An alarm function, countdown, hourly chime, dual time and lap memory complete the watches’ repertoire.
– The watch is shock-proof and is water resistant to 100m.
– Suitable for ages 12 years+.

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