Wi-fi Meter Gadgets

Wi-fi Meter Gadgets You May ChooseFrom

Wi-fi meters are amazing utility tools or gadgets that are packed with all sorts of nifty and natty features. Techie users can check the upload & download speed, external & internal IP address connected to the wi-fi, whether the connection is secure enough, the total upload & download usage. You will be surprised to know how much bandwidth you still can use until you have reached your limit, and if you are on the go most of the time, you can check your wireless speed connection before deciding whether to download a huge file off the network. There are just limited kinds of wi-fi meter since it is new in the tech market today, however there are still effective options for you to choose which suits your wireless technology needs and what deems to be an efficient gadget for you.

Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor
Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor is much more than your standard wireless network monitor and certainly more complex than most system monitoring gadgets. The Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor gadget for Windows 7 and Windows Vista can search for wireless networks, verify wireless coverage, show details about your current wireless connection, and much more. You can even deal with your wireless adapter and connection, right from the Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor gadget. It has a unique radar/sonar display of accessible wireless networks, clear and detailed signal strength display and history, displays currently connected network’s SSID, channel, data rate, and more. Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor shows available wireless networks in your vicinity, it also displays current wireless signal strength and a recent history of that strength. Xirrus Wi-fi Monitor permits direct management of your wireless adapter and current wireless connection.

Network Meter Windows 7
The Network Meter Windows 7 gadget provides all kinds of useful information about your wired or wireless network connection like current internal and external IP address, current upload and download speed, total bandwidth usage, SSID, signal quality, and more. There are several useful configurations available with Network Meter including background color, bandwidth scaling, network interface card selection, and more. The Network Meter gadget is a free download from AddGadget and installs on your Windows 7 desktop or Windows Vista Sidebar. If you’re troubleshooting a local network issue or are always checking your external IP, the Network (wi-fi) Meter gadget could be very functional. Network Meter gadget shows your internal and external IP addresses for easy reference. On wireless networks, Network Meter also shows your current SSID, signal strength, and security status, the current amount of data being downloaded and uploaded is shown in a live stream in the gadget. You can perform a speed test directly from the Network Meter gadget and huge number of options makes Network Meter very customizable for your needs.

In short, these wi-fi meter gadgets are pretty useful gadgets worth having on your desktop, or perhaps open every time we try to relocate our access points to improve the signal, or are away from home or office, and we find the access point with greater intensity.

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