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Why a US Needs a Samsung Galaxy S II

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I’ve done it unequivocally transparent since a Samsung Galaxy S II is in risk of blank out on a bone-fide launch here in a United States and I’ve also overwhelmed on why it competence destroy even if it does confirm to make it to American soil. I’ve been giving it some suspicion yet and we no matter how we attempted to spin it in my head, we couldn’t shake a fact that there are some unequivocally legitimate reasons since a United States positively needs a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Galaxy S II

Here is a demeanour inside my head.

Not Everyone Wants a Motorola Droid Bionic

I have been touting a Motorola Droid Bionic as a phone to get and I’ve also summarized some reasons why this phone could be improved than a iPhone 4S/iPhone 5. However, we also comprehend that people competence not wish to collect adult a Droid Bionic. Maybe it’s since they don’t like Motorola’s hardware or maybe it’s since a probability of a 4.5-inch shade scares them. Lots of people we know hatred MotoBlur and exclude to buy a Motorola phone until it’s gone.

Bionic Red Eye

Some people also usually adore Samsung hardware and they wish to get their hands on a best phone that Samsung has ever done and who unequivocally can censure them?

Not Everyone Wants 3D

One of a hottest phones of a year, a HTC EVO 3D for Sprint, is positively another choice for those looking to get a high-end Android device yet it’s also a device that alienates people. Personally, we hatred 3D and a reviewers of a EVO 3D have, for a many part, found 3D on a device to be gimmicky. Sure, it can be switched off, yet we would overtly usually cite not to have it.


The LG Thrill 4G for ATT is another phone that we substantially would never make my personal phone, usually since it has 3D on it. we know that this is a widen for many of you, yet we can’t be a usually chairman that wants a phone abandoned of 3D.

Not Everyone Wants a iPhone 5

iPhone 5

Face it, Apple’s iPhone is looking some-more and some-more like it’s going to be a sincerely teenager modernise of a iPhone 4. As many of we know, we dislike a iPhone 4′s pattern and if a iPhone 5 is anything like it, I’ll be holding a pass. Many others out there will be too.  The Galaxy S II would unequivocally be a voluptuous Android alternative, generally if Samsung outfits it with that upgraded processor.

Not Everyone Wants 4G LTE

I’ve been a flattering shrill disciple opposite early adoption going as distant as observant that you should not buy a 4G LTE smartphone right now. The Droid Bionic has started to lean me to a dim side yet we can still know since people wouldn’t wish or need a faster network right now. Verizon won’t finish rolling out 4G LTE until 2013 that is conveniently dual years from now, a same length of a contract. That means that if we don’t have 4G LTE right now, a Galaxy S II would positively make clarity as an option.


In addition, if you’re an normal smartphone user, we overtly don’t need 4G LTE until it becomes a standard. A lot of we usually use your phone for email, web surfing and a occasional video and 3G works excellent for that. If there is a 3G Android phone that will keep over a subsequent dual years, a Galaxy S II is substantially a one to do it, during slightest in my opinion.

Everyone Wants Good Hardware

Samsung Galaxy S II Insides

Photo around ABI Research.

It’s flattering many a accord in a mobile universe that a Galaxy S II is one of, if not the, best Android phone to date. It has implausible slicing corner record and Samsung unequivocally went above and over with this phone. As I’ve pronounced a zillion times, program is a anchor of a hardware and we wish a phone that is going to be means to hoop all of a extraordinary program that is going to be entrance out over a subsequent dual years.

Everyone Wants Carrier Choices

Galaxy S

Last yet maybe a many critical reason of them all is a fact that a Samsung Galaxy S II would expected be attack mixed carriers here in a United States. The fact that a strange landed on so many U.S. carriers was one of a pivotal reasons since it was so successful. Beyond a business turn though, it also gave consumers a choice. They could confirm what information devise on what conduit matched them best and afterwards squeeze a overwhelming hardware.

Think about it. If you’re removing an HTC EVO 3D, we have to get it on Sprint. If you’re looking during a Droid Bionic, it’s usually on Verizon. The subsequent iPhone might or might not be on some-more than ATT and Verizon. The extraordinary HTC Sensation 4G is usually on T-Mobile.

The U.S. needs a tip of a line smartphone accessible on all 4 carriers and a Galaxy S II is that phone.


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