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Why a Motorola Droid Bionic Is Still Worth Waiting For

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There has been a lot of negativity per a Motorola Droid Bionic and a behind launch. We had creatively suspicion it would launch in Aug and afterwards Motorola forsaken a explosve on us. It wasn’t nearing until September.

Many of we started to doubt either or not we would buy a Droid Bionic when it would come out. Others jumped off a bandwagon and hopped on house a sight conducted by a Samsung Galaxy S II.

Then, yesterday, we denounced some exclusive photos of a Droid Bionic that were fast met with all sorts of groans about a density of a phone. we consider we even saw someone call it a Zach Morris phone.

Motorola Droid Bionic

So, in light of all these new developments and criticisms, we suspicion it right to residence them in an updated take on since a Motorola Droid Bionic is a phone value considering.

Motorola Design and Quality

Droid Bionic

Motorola creates phones that last. Every time we go out in San Francisco, we see people regulating a strange Droid or a strange Droid X. we have issues with their vision, nonetheless we adore their hardware and utterly frankly, a Droid Bionic seems like a best of these Droid phones churned with 4G LTE.

HTC ThunderBolt Battery Life“Look during how thick a pattern is,” they cry.

Well, that’s substantially since it’s holding a large battery and we know what? we would gladly buy a phone with a Droid Bionic’s “thick design” (it doesn’t even demeanour that most thicker than a other Droid phones) if a battery life binds up.

I adore skinny phones and we suffer neat designs as most as a subsequent person, nonetheless we also adore a phone that can withstand a rigors of daily use. That has been a problem with 4G LTE phones. The HTC ThunderBolt couldn’t do it and a Droid Charge can usually conduct somewhat better. we know a possess Kevin Purcell loves his extended battery for a ThunderBolt, nonetheless we don’t wish to have to buy an extended battery usually to make it by an normal day.

Obviously, Motorola schooled that doctrine and scraped a aged pattern in preference of a informed form cause with a outrageous battery that supposedly gets 15 hours on assuage usage. That is what a Droid Bionic is. A Droid with a outrageous battery, 4G LTE, and a dual-core processor. Oh, and it also has a qHD arrangement that unfortunately is substantially going to be PenTile in nature, nonetheless that will save changed battery life.

Everyone wants to have their cake and eat it nonetheless when it comes to a stream state of 4G LTE right now, it’s not possible. The record is too new. Wondering since we consider Apple won’t recover a 4G LTE smartphone in September? There’s your answer. A skinny 4G LTE smartphone with good battery life is fantastic during this point. And we doubt that Apple wanted to bulk up.

Beyond that though, there hasn’t been a singular Motorola Droid phone from a past dual years that has let me down either it’s a Droid X, Droid X2 or a Droid 3. Every singular one has been solid. And that lane record speaks volumes to what a Droid Bionic can and will be: A phone with hardware that can final for dual years with a growing, next-generation network behind it.

That’s called a trump card, ladies and gents.

Focused Beats Scattered

Samsung Fascinate

Again, vocalization of lane records, Samsung has a terrible one. Think about it. It took perpetually for Sammy and a carriers to get their act together with Froyo, an refurbish that all 4 inclination on a vital U.S. carriers needed. Motorola’s inclination were some of a initial to get it. Am we unequivocally ostensible to trust that things are going to be opposite with a Galaxy S II?

I am peaceful to be it’ll be business as usual.

Don’t get me wrong, we adore a conduit options nonetheless in my opinion, software-wise, that hurts a Galaxy S II. With a Droid Bionic, it’s usually Verizon and Motorola collaborating. With Samsung, a politics with 4 vital carriers during a really least, maybe even more. Why set yourself adult for disappointment?

Need we Say More?

Those are a categorical dual reasons, here are a few some-more usually for a heck of it:

  • Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Is Expanding Fast
  • Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Is Improving All The Time
  • MotoBlur On The Motorola Droid 3 Is Enjoyable, It Likely Will Be On The Droid Bionic As Well

Need more?

  • Motorola Droid Owners Coming Off Contract Can Keep Unlimited Data And Use It With The Droid Bionic
  • Samsung Hasn’t Proven It Will Release A 4G LTE Device This Year
  • The HTC Vigor Will Likely Have A Large Battery
  • I Doubt The Nexus 3 Launches In October
  • Quad-Core Phones Aren’t Coming Until Next Year

No phone is perfect. Until batteries and 4G record improves drastically, we won’t see a 4G “Jesus” phone. And even with all a viewed flaws, we still trust that a Droid Bionic is a phone value considering.

Let me be clear. we am not observant that you’re absolutely, definitely going to wish to buy a Droid Bionic. we am usually observant that we shouldn’t give adult on it usually yet. September recover and all.

(Note: Before we start observant that Motorola is in my pocket, read this.)

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