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Why a Lack of Droid Bionic Release Information?

The launch of a Droid Bionic intelligent phone on Verizon is substantially a many expected Android handset recover in history. What gives with a miss of Droid Bionic recover information by Verizon?

Could a Hardware Problem Be Delaying a Release of a Droid Bionic?

Speculation is flourishing among fervent intensity business that there might be some serious hardware problems with a device and that a handset can not nonetheless be expelled since it is not prepared for release.

The tiny volume of information so distant expelled by Verizon was that a droid bionic recover was being behind due to additional facilities being combined to a handset as a outcome of feedback performed during a display of a antecedent during this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show.

With a trend environment dual GHz of estimate power, 512 MB RAM, a high-resolution camera for video and still pictures, and 4G LTE connectivity, it is positively distinct that maybe battery life and other pattern benchmarks are not nonetheless adult to a standards that have been set for a droid bionic intelligent phone.

No Helpful Release Information Found on Verizon or Motorola Websites

When we revisit a Motorola Media Center website a usually information expelled is still that a new Bionic is entrance soon. A revisit to a Verizon wireless website finds no discuss of a Droid Bionic though facilities a series by LG, Droid Charge by Samsung, and Thunderbolt by HTC. There is no anxiety to a Droid Bionic recover date.

The miss of information seems bizarre for such a widely expected and preferred handheld device. Is a miss of information a selling plan designed to build torment and expectation among intensity buyers? Or is a check caused by some severe hardware problems? If so, even Verizon and Motorola might not nonetheless know when a Droid Bionic recover will take place.

File:Motorola Droid 2.jpgMotorola Droid 2. Photo by Vox Rationis. Where is a Droid Bionic?

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