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Why It’s Never a Right Time to Buy an Android Phone

In a post patrician “Now is a misfortune time ever to buy an Android phone“, BGR’s Zach Epstein outlines because right now is a misfortune time ever to buy a new Android smartphone. we determine with him. Right now is positively a bad time to buy a new Android smartphone.

There are usually a handful of inclination value deliberation on a marketplace and a ones that are on a approach will indeed blow their predecessors out of a water. Both a HTC One X and a One S, for ATT and T-Mobile respectively – are rarely means phones and are positively a many sparkling phones so distant this year.

And, of course, we have a Samsung Galaxy S III launch appearing in a distance.

Epstein argues that these phones will set a new fashion for Android inclination and again, we agree.

However, isn’t this always a case? Isn’t there always some new Android phone on a setting that promises to blow a phones that launched behind it right out of a water? Some torpedo underline that promises to put all of a other handsets on a marketplace to shame?

Why It's Never a Right Time to Buy an <strong>Android</strong> Phone” width=”300″ height=”196″ /></a>So while Epstein argues that’s a bad time to buy an <strong>Android</strong> phone right now, I’ll disagree that there is never a good time to buy an <strong>Android</strong> phone and there is a lot some-more to it than usually a hardware in a pipeline.</p>
<p>If you’re informed with a universe of <strong>Android</strong>, you’d know that Motorola is one of a heading manufacturers. Don’t get me wrong, Motorola creates some illusory phones though it also is one of a reasons that we have turn doubtful of shopping an <strong>Android</strong> phone.</p>
<p>It all started when a association expelled a <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> 2 and afterwards shortly thereafter, motionless to recover a <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> 2 Global. Not one to not try and surpass itself, a association motionless to lift dual identical stunts in 2011.</p>
<p>The initial was when it totally overshadowed a launch of a <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> Bionic, a initial dual-core 4G LTE smartphone. It expelled this phone in September, marketed it everywhere and afterwards motionless to recover an even improved phone a month after in a <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> RAZR.</p>
<p>And then, usually to tip it all off, a association announced new <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> RAZR, a <strong>Motorola Droid</strong> RAZR MAXX shortly thereafter.</p>
<p>Motorola is a misfortune delinquent when it comes to discerning releases like that, though Motorola also creates some of a many appealing <strong>Android</strong> phones on a market.</p>
<p>What we am removing during is, there is always going to be something improved on a setting when it comes to <strong>Android</strong>.</p>
<p>In some regards, it’s awesome. It’s good to see new inclination pulling a bar. But during a same time, it’s tough to buy a phone one week and afterwards a successive week, see a identical phone launch with something better.</p>
<p>Lastly, and I’ve already overwhelmed on this utterly a bit, when we buy an <strong>Android</strong> device, we mostly times have no thought when you’ll be removing a latest and biggest refurbish from Google.</p>
<p><strong>Read: Why I’ll Always Think Twice About Buying an Android Phone</a></strong>.</p>
<p>Right now, usually a few handsets have been upgraded to <strong>Android</strong> 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, a program refurbish that was introduced in Oct of 2011.</p>
<p>That uncertainty, unless Google miraculously is means to get all of a inclination on a same page, is always going to hang over <strong>Android</strong> and those looking to buy a new <strong>Android</strong> phone.</p>
<p>I’ll supplement this too.</p>
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  • But we missed a whole point.

    “For tech savvy smartphone users, committing to a two-year agreement is brutal. Mobile record moves so quick that smartphones can seem old-fashioned usually months after they launch. While this trend is firm to continue, a grade to that new generations of Android phones surpass their predecessors will always lessen and flow. Handsets have been improving during a rather medium gait for a past year or so, though a successive stand of smartphones to strike store shelves will paint a outrageous burst brazen rather than a few brief steps.”

    The author’s position is that a arriving burst between current-gen and next-gen is larger than any before jump, and a phones that will attain a inclination he mentions in a evident destiny will be personification locate up. “These next-generation Android phones will set a new precedent, and handsets that launch for a successive 6 to 9 months will be personification catch-up.” Etc.

    So to answer your doubt (“However, isn’t this always a case?”), no. Not according to a author whose work we cite.

  • Now is always a best time to buy an Android phone – so prolonged as you’re aware of your use cases for a device instead of enchanting in some uncanny foe to have a shiniest fondle on a block.

    The algorithm goesl like this: find a device that has an active growth bid going on xda forums. Wait for a successive gen device to release. Buy a prev gen device on eBay for a song, base it, and Bob’s your uncle. For 25% of a cost that a glossy chasers are paying, too.

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