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Who Is The Motorola Lapdock 100 For?

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Yesterday Motorola announced their newest smartphone dock, a Lapdock 100. It’s identical to a Webtop wharf accessible for a Motorola Atrix and a Droid Bionic, solely that this one is a bit smaller (10.1 in. arrangement instead of 11.6) and will work with multiple phones instead of usually one. At a moment, a mixed phones in doubt usually embody a Atrix 2, Photon 4G, and a Droid Bionic. However, going forward, it’s expected that all of a company’s Android smartphones will have compatibility.

Weighing reduction than many netbooks and many an ultraportable (2.2 pounds), a Lapdock 100 is positively portable. It appears to competition a workable keyboard and a too tiny touchpad. The association claims it will final adult to 5 hours on a charge.

Motorola Lapdock 100

All of that is nice, nonetheless a some-more we see of this form of dock, we wonder: who is this for?

The Lapdock itself doesn’t work unless it’s connected to a concordant phone. The thought is to put what’s on your smartphone on a bigger shade for improved productivity. Answer your emails and texts, roller a web with a mutated Firefox browser, and devour multimedia content, all while utilizing a phone’s mobile information devise or Wi-Fi connection. Isn’t that usually a tablet, though? A inscription with a keyboard and mouse, yes. But it’s not as if that doesn’t exist.

Motorola Lapdock 100

In further to a wharf on a back, a Lapdock 100 will bond to phones around a cord as well.

I could see it’s utility if a wharf was distant reduction costly than a tablet. The strange Webtop for a Atrix cost $499 if we bought it on a possess nonetheless a phone and wharf together cost $499. The Lapdock 100 doesn’t have a cost yet. It needs to be reduction than that to clear it. For $499 we can buy a good netbook or a ASUS Transformer with a keyboard dock.

No doubt there are people for whom a inscription is too most or not utterly what they wish and netbook or ultraportable are too much. If we fit into that category, we can buy a Lapdock 100 from ATT on Oct 17th. Verizon Wireless and Sprint business can dip one after this year.

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