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Where to go from here…

Well, good news is that a simply rooted. Or, we can use a ICS SBF, base that, and peep whatever ROM we wish from there as we trust a heart stays unvaried between ICS and JB officially. (not certain on a radio, wasn’t looking during that)

I use a central CM builds, 10.1 and they run like a champ on my phone. (wish it would on my tablet..) Safestrap is your best gamble as it creates ‘partitions’ of sorts to implement ROMs to and all that. That approach it leaves your batch one alone and that you’ll have a fallback devise in box of a bad flash. But for ROMs, it depends what we want. If we wish some flare, though not a whole lot, CM is a good place to start. AOKP we hear is good, though we can’t move myself to like it much.. as we keep going behind to CM myself. we consider Liberty is good, though a kinda aged nowadays. Not certain about a other Bionic ROMs currently, haven’t attempted them myself.

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