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When patents strengthen Apple, are they okay?

we know a few people with Macs, and a integrate with Iphones, nonetheless we haven’t seen this holier than thou opinion we pronounce of.

Everyday, there is an essay about MS or Apple, this and that, and a infancy of postings, are anti-Apple, that in a approach does make clarity if we consider about it, during slightest in my opinion.

Most people use and cite Windows formed PC‘s, hence a vast marketshare of desktops and laptops…

Ever given Apple has been widespread in a Tablet space, there are 100’s of stories about Ipad killers entrance to market, and all a anti Apple throng comes out in droves…And a lot of them post here, and post their undisguised hatred, loathing of a device.

They act as nonetheless they’re fearful MS will dry adult and blow away, it’s only dubious to review some of these comments…

Now, IMHO, we like to use my Ipad, nonetheless we also like regulating my Win Vista laptop, and Win7 desktop. we do a lot of writing, am now operative on my 2nd and 3rd novels, ( we know it sounds strange, nonetheless it is what it is), and we cite to use my Ipad while mobile for doing this instead of carrying around my laptop. At home however, it’s customarily a laptop.

And for essay these books, we indeed cite Pages over MS Word. But if I’m operative on a request for work or home and we need to incorporate any pics or drawings, we cite Word…

And for spreadsheets we cite MS Excel, I’ve nonetheless to see or use a improved square of software…

And as I’ve settled before on here, it all comes down to choice, and regulating what works for you..

What we do get sleepy of hearing, is a close-minded opinions of those that call a Ipad a toy, that shows, to me anyway, that a people who state that have never unequivocally attempted to use an Ipad..

Or miss a inteligence to do so. we have no problem with they don’t like a device, or a association that built them, nonetheless to post crap like that is only childish, again IMHO….

At one time on Zdnet we could come here for information, and many of a posters would even carillon in and assistance you, if we had an emanate with something, nonetheless newly it’s gotten so off lane it’s unequivocally sad.

Do we consider all these lawsuits over patents are stupid? Yes, we do. we do feel that individuals, or companies that invent something though, should be stable for a singular volume of time, and afterwards it should be expelled out to a open to use for their possess creations or inventions.

I work in Defense, and when we make a product (new design), we are a solitary producers of that item, customarily for about 3-7 years. After that, we have to recover that products tech information package to a open so other companies can bid on a right to furnish that product opposite us.

In a way, we consider Patents should have to work this way, nonetheless a solitary tenure would have to be less, maybe 1.5 years, since of how fast this record is changing…

This would discharge a obvious lawsuits, as prolonged as a smallest timeframe was met.

Thanks for a respond Max, and we hopwe we come behind and review my respond to you..


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