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WhatsApp’s iOS-to-Android send apparatus is live, though usually for Samsung phones

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Buried within Samsung‘s latest Galaxy Unpacked eventuality was some large news: WhatsApp was finally creation it probable to burst from iOS to Android with all of your messages in tact. If your summary library has been holding we behind from switching phones, this is an sparkling announcement, yet you’ll need to be relocating to a Samsung phone to do it.

Currently, WhatsApp users can sync their conversations to a new device regulating Google Drive backups on Android and iCloud backups on iOS. If you’re upgrading from Pixel to Pixel or iPhone to iPhone, this works yet any vital hiccups. If you’re looking to burst boat to another height — possibly it’s to or from Android — this refurbish will concede we to do that yet losing all of your messages, voice notes, and photos.

However, it’ll take some time to come to all users. In partnership with Samsung and a Smart Switch app, a Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 will be a initial inclination that support transfers. So, if you’re now rocking an iPhone and possibly of today’s new foldables has your seductiveness piqued, you’ll be means to lift all of your information along for a float yet relying on Google Drive or iCloud.

There is some difficulty on when accurately this underline will enhance to all Android inclination — WhatsApp itself says it’s entrance to Samsung inclination using Android 10 or aloft in a entrance weeks — yet once all phones are supported, we can barter behind and onward between handling systems yet losing your data. According to a company, a encryption built into a app has kept a send duty from operative until this point, yet partnership between “the world’s largest handling systems and mobile manufacturers” has done it probable to equivocate OS lock-in.

Thanks to leaked beta versions of WhatsApp, we’ve famous this underline has been entrance for a while. We’ll need to wait until it’s accessible for all phones to give it a shot, yet if we know someone who’s failing to ascent from an iPhone to a Galaxy Z Fold3 this fall, this is a news they’ve been watchful for.

Update 1: 2021/08/17 8:26am PDT by Michael Crider

Now appearing in iOS

According to a arguable WABetaInfo, a latest beta chronicle of WhatsApp for iOS has a discuss send to Android choice enabled. Look for a “Move chats to Android” choice in a Chats menu. It’s usually accessible on some accounts, and as formerly indicated, it might usually be probable to pierce to a new Samsung phone during a moment.

The underline might come broadly to Android inclination during some indicate in a future. As of now there’s no denote that an Android-to-iOS emigration underline is in a works.

Update 2: 2021/09/03 9:08am PDT by Will Sattelberg

Now accessible for Samsung phones

Just a week after a central launch of a Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3, WhatsApp now supports transferring your information from iOS to Android — so prolonged as you’re upgrading to one of Samsung‘s phones. According to a company’s latest blog post, it still skeleton to move support to some-more Android inclination “soon,” yet we don’t know when that will occur or what hardware will be supported.

But hey, if you’re an iPhone user who’s been failing to collect adult a Galaxy S21 or Z Flip3, we won’t need to scapegoat your messages to burst ship.

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