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What to keep in mind while selling online

Choose a portal with a proven lane record in delivering peculiarity products on time and some-more remuneration options.

Planning to present your crony a intelligent phone for her birthday? No sweat, only sequence it online! Thanks to e-commerce, many Indian consumers are offered online. This is not limited to only books or electronic gadgets. Shopping portals have stretched their product basket to offer a operation of products from attire to air-conditioners.

Why do business imagination online shopping? The reasons are obvious. The inaugural one is convenience. It saves we a time we would differently have to spend pushing down to a store located contend 5 km divided from your home. Second, we have some-more options to name from. You can review a prices offering during opposite portals before firming adult your squeeze decision. In many cases, online stores offer we a same product during a some-more rival price. For instance, if we are looking during offered a Samsung discuss 222 mobile phone, online stores offer we a product for prices starting from Rs 2,800, while a same indication is sole for Rs 3,150 during heading sell stores.

There are also disdainful portals that specialise in name products. Myntra for instance specialises in attire and accessories, Ferns N Petals in flowers and gifts. But, there are a few aspects that we might have demeanour into while offered products online. Never buy from a portal that we or any of your friends or acquaintances have never attempted out. Look for one with a proven lane record in delivering peculiarity products on time. Remember in online offered we have no face-to-face communication with a association offered we a goods.

Cash is best

Before we crop by a merchandise, check out a remuneration options. The some-more remuneration options a portal offers, a better. Most portals accept payments done regulating withdraw card, credit label and Internet banking and also cash-on-delivery option.

For small-ticket items, a cash-on-delivery choice is a best. That way, a tradesman bears a risk of a object going ‘out of stock’ or not being shipped on time. Some portals also concede we to appropriate your credit label on delivery. That gets we best of both a worlds — credit on your squeeze and declaration about a product reaching you.

This choice might not be accessible for high-value products such as refrigerators, air-conditioners, where many portals insist on remuneration during a time of fixation a order. In such cases, we should safeguard remuneration by a cumulative remuneration gateway. For specific products, name portals also offer 0 per cent EMI option. For instance, Flipkart offers 3- and 6-month 0 per cent EMI devise for business regulating HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Citi Bank cards. You can also sell your e-gift banking for a products we wish to squeeze online.


Where we are creation full remuneration in advance, it is needed to know a exchange/cancellation policies of a portal. Most portals do not concede we to cancel a sequence once a product has been shipped. In box we wish to cancel a sequence after a product has been shipped we might have to call a particular patron support for assistance.

Before going forward with a purchase, we should also know a exchange/return process of a portal. Most of them pledge smoothness with 5 to 7 operative days, supposing a product is in stock. If a smoothness is behind over a betrothed date, we have a right to lapse a product.

What if a product we bought is poor or damaged? To find redressal, we need to forewarn a portal within a mandated time. This time window might differ from portal to portal and might also change with a product. Myntra, for instance, provides a 30-day sell window for all attire and accessories solely innerwear, cosmetics, socks, deodorants and perfumes. But Home Shop 18 requires we to forewarn them of defects within 48 hours from a time of delivery. Not only that, we should not have used a product.

Also, a product should be returned in a strange wrapping along with a strange cost tags, labels and invoices. So don’t slice off a wrapping as shortly we lay your hands on a product!

If a above conditions are met, afterwards a reinstate will be processed within 7 operative days. The reinstate will be done by a mode by that a remuneration was made. Of course, impediment is improved than cure. So, before we supplement anything to your offered cart, it is best to check out user reviews and ratings on each product we buy. Now, that’s something we can’t do when we buy things in your community offered mall.


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