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What RIMM Cannot Fix


As we wrote the day before RIM’s latest warning, a Latin American Nov trends for a association looks truly toxic.

The American marketplace share erosion RIM could hoop if a rising marketplace trends were still going a way. But a new pricing sourroundings in a Latin American smartphone marketplace seems to have taken RIM totally by surprise. The large swell of mobile browsing marketplace share for Android vendors in Latin America reflected in a latest Statcounter dovetails with explanation from Brazilian carriers this autumn.

There is a cluster of intensely inexpensive QWERTY Android smartphones now holding Latin America by charge – models like Samsung Chat, Motorola Motokey and Nokia C3 labelled next 250 reals. Then there are a mid-tier QWERTY inclination like Motorola Spice and Nokia E5 labelled next 500 reals.

And afterwards we have a unequivocally aged Blackberry Curve during 570 reals and a new Blackberry models during 600 – 1’500 reals. The pricing is wholly out of strike compared to a new sub-300 genuine competition. There is no approach to repair this but a large domain strike – RIM simply did not pattern a truly inexpensive Blackberry indication for rising markets.

Nokia’s Asha operation of value QWERTY inclination is now starting to fan out opposite Asia and Eastern Europe. Samsung and Motorola are chasing any other down a cost ladder in Latin America.

The smartphone cost vigour that dealt HTC income expansion such a harmful blow this entertain is now accelerating RIM’s decline.The handset marketplace is separate between companies with really assertive new pricing skeleton (Samsung, Nokia, to some border Motorola) and companies that were held asleep (HTC, RIM, LG).

There is no room in a center anymore – usually in a penthouse and in a basement.




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