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What Google Buying Motorola Could Mean for a Droid Bionic

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Earlier today, Google and Motorola announced that Google would be purchasing a latter for 12.5 billion dollars. Motorola will duty as a apart entity from Google yet that doesn’t meant there won’t be changes. In fact, Google states that it wants to “supercharge” Android. In other words, it wants to keep creation Android improved and it hopes shopping out Motorola will keep them on that path.

But what does this meant for Motorola inclination and some-more specifically, a arriving flagship device, a Motorola Droid Bionic? In my opinion, a understanding could meant dual things competence happen.

Both good.

Droid Bionic

First though, we wish to be clear, we don’t see a Droid Bionic as a whole being altered by this acquisition. It’s too distant into development, it’s now out in a wilds in a final form, battery life is pronounced to be great, and Motorola still expects it to launch in September.

I don’t consider anything will be opposite a launch. However, we consider a destiny of a Droid Bionic competence have been altered by this purchase, a destiny that unexpected seems a whole lot brighter than it did yesterday.

Potentially Awesome Thing #1

Ice Cream SandoGoogle is not going to play favorites with Motorola phones since it’ll parasite off other manufacturers like HTC and Samsung. Google even settled that Motorola will work as a apart entity from Google.

However, we can’t brawl that this squeeze will move a companies closer together and since of that, we consider that Motorola phones will be quicker to get vital Android updates.

What does that meant for a Droid Bionic? Well, it means that Ice Cream Sandwich could come a whole lot faster when it’s expelled after this year. The indicate of a partnership was to “supercharge” Android and we consider partial of that is Google wanting to get vital updates out to phones not called Nexus in a most quicker conform and a Droid Bionic could be a starting point.

Potentially Awesome Thing #2

In a past, Motorola phones have been intensely tough to customize since of precautions a manufacturer has put into place. Specifically, Moto has sealed down a bootloaders on phones digest customization scarcely impossible. The practice  has really incited copiousness of people to other companies who phones possess bootloaders that can could be unbarred some-more easily.

Google’s Nexus device have no such issues and Motorola has even settled that it will be unlocking bootloaders in a destiny and we consider it’s probable that this partnership could speed adult a bootloader routine for a Droid Bionic.

Google now has a ability to put vigour on Motorola to put this into outcome and with HTC already charity an unlocking routine for a HTC Sensation, it would make clarity to get Motorola on that level. It wants to “supercharge” Android after all. Now, will it have an unbarred bootloader during launch? we doubt it, yet we wouldn’t be astounded to see it come during some indicate after launch.

So, we don’t see Google shopping out Motorola inspiring a Motorola Droid Bionic’s benefaction condition yet we could positively see how it competence work wonders for a Droid Bionic in a future.

What do we guys and gals think?

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