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What are a many and a slightest repairable phones according to iFixit?

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If we follow tech blogs regularly, you’ve certainly listened of iFixit, a association that sells correct collection and collection for smartphones and other consumer devices, and publishes wiki-based correct manuals for many renouned devices.

iFixit is best famous for a timely expelled teardowns, that are step-by-step guides to disassembling inclination down to their smallest components. Whenever a new and rarely expected smartphone or inscription is released, we can count on iFixit to broach an ominous and mostly surprisingly engaging teardown of a device.

The issue of a Galaxy S4 teardown

The issue of a Galaxy S4 teardown

The association has put together a leaderboard of a smartphones that it ripped down over a years, sorted by their reparability score:

A device with a ideal measure will be comparatively inexpensive to repair, since it is easy to dismantle and has a use primer available. Points are docked formed on a problem of opening a device, a forms of fasteners found inside, and a complexity concerned in replacing vital components. Points are awarded for upgradability, use of non-proprietary collection for servicing, and member modularity.

While a information in a leaderboard isn’t new, it’s still engaging to see how several manufacturers transport when it comes to a reparability of their devices.

At a tip of a class, we find dual comparison inclination from Motorola, a Droid Bionic and a Atrix 4G, that both scored 9 on a scale from 1 to 10, interjection to their modular pattern and simply replaceable battery.

Samsung does flattering good in a iFixit reparability index, with all of a new flagship phones scoring an 8 out of 10. That’s good, deliberation Samsung phones don’t do really good in accidents or in a dump tests.

At a other finish of a scale, we have inclination like a 2011 Motorola Droid Razr with a 4, a strange iPhone with a 2, and, with an deplorable 1 out 10, a HTC One.

iFixit found HTC’s flagship to be “virtually impossible” to open but deleterious it, while a battery is adhered to a phone’s midframe and formidable to access. As iFixit notes, a One’s plain build does extend a lifespan, as we remarkable ourselves in a dump test.

Is reparability critical to you? Do we consider about it when determining on a device?

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