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Weekend Tech Scan: KING 5 TV gets useful new mobile app

The conflict for Seattle TV hire news leverage has been upped a notch, despite slightly, with a entrance this week of a new mobile app for KINGTV (NBC, Ch. 5).  Unlike a competitors during KOMO, KIRO, and KCPQ, a KING 5 app is a area’s usually internal mobile source that provides a users with live real-time feeds from a on-air news shows.

Even in a Internet news age, Seattle’s internal TV news stays critical to viewers here. The competition for audiences continues apace; KING 5, prolonged a internal news personality in all day parts, has seen a rating challenged essentially from KIRO 7, that claims it now leads KING 5 in a 11 p.m. news slot, and in a early morning 4:30 a.m.-5 a.m. news slots. (A call to KING 5 to endorse these total was not returned by announcement time.)

The rival corner for any hire is mostly out of their hands: Entertainment programming on their dependent promote networks significantly affects consumers’ observation habits. But with TV news contributing a lion’s share of any internal station’s revenues, any tiny corner is a serve step toward a ratings victory. It would seem that a stepped-up resources of a KING 5 app are additional weapons in that war. (Here’s a link to a station’s mobile apps download page.)

I tested apps from all 4 Seattle blurb stations with vital internal news operations on my possess mobile arsenal: a new-generation iPad, a 3Gs iPhone, an Android Droid Bionic, and a Windows Phone Lumia 900.  All a tests were conducted on a quick WiFi network (10+ megabytes per second). 

In features, a KING 5 app looms vast over a competitors. Its real-time live news underline is singular among them. Weather reports on a iPad and iPhone can be localized to your area. While both KING and KIRO yield WSDOT camera views of a trade grid, a KING 5 iPad perspective offers a sharp map, that places a cameras on a grid itself. Want to see what a trade looks like during I-5 and NE 42nd Street? There’s a pic for that (see photo). 

The iPhone doing is different: It offers comparison WSDOT camera locales, though not a iPad map. It does have a real-time trade conditions WSDOT map informed to mechanism users.

The continue territory was sincerely standard, with radar views, seven-day forecasts, and satellite maps of a larger Puget Sound area. It would have been improved to see these views time-stamped; maybe that will come in a after version. The iPad chronicle is a usually app with a “Conditions” add-on that provides continue stating for your specific location, nonetheless both a iPhone and Android apps give we a plcae specific heat reading.

All a apps come with video links to several KING 5 shows and personalities such as “Get Jesse,” “Health Link” and “Evening Magazine.”

There were some glitches. The live video would run smoothly, afterwards relapse into a few seconds of badly fragmented video, afterwards lapse to normal. I also had difficulty removing a Windows Phone chronicle to duty during all. Its demeanour was different, following Microsoft’s new-design “tile” look, though we could get zero to work with that version.

The app apparently has been designed by Belo Corp., that owns 20 stations, including a internal KING 5. According to a press release, a apps will offer area-specific continue radar, notifications about violation news, and a scrolling ticker for up-to-the-minute updates. It also promises to tide over 300 hours of “high-quality on direct video programming any month to any video-capable mobile device.”  Calls to KING 5 to get sum on some of those skeleton were not answered immediately.

While KING 5 was bustling creation a live news programs accessible to mobile users, Comcast still remained dysfunctional in a rollout of mobile and/or off-cable services to a subscribers. 

Comcast is among a wire companies behind a “TV Everywhere” concept, that enables their subscribers to watch programming from HBO, ESPN, and others on iPads, iPhones, Android smartphones, and tablets. Cable business need to pointer with their wire companies and be certified to perspective these shows.

HBO Go is accessible for observation by Comcast subscribers on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices, and on Google TV, though is criminialized from being watched on a Xbox and Roku set tip boxes. MaxGo, a use from HBO sister network Cinemax, is still not certified by Comcast on any mobile device nonetheless other wire companies underline it. Watch ESPN, a live observation of mixed channels of ESPN sports programming,  was only authorised for Apple iOS — though not for Android Gingerbread systems.

Meanwhile arch-Comcast aspirant Time Warner Cable announced this week, as beheld by TechCrunch, that a subscribers can watch HBO Go on a Xbox, Roku boxes and Samsung Internet-connected TV sets. Repeated requests to Comcast by this author and others for an reason of because this rollout seems hopelessly capricious have left unanswered.

Comcast also done good/bad news this week by announcing it would trigger tests in some markets to assign those Internet business who shelve adult what a wire association see as extreme use of a network. According to a Bloomberg/Business Week story, a association pronounced it would levy additional costs for those surpassing 300 gigabytes (gb) of use per month: maybe $10 for 50 additional gigabytes. An normal TV spectator uses 8 to 10 gb a month, a essay noted. The viewers that Comcast will be examination devour roughly a homogeneous of 100 high clarification cinema per month, a essay noted. 

A Comcast orator had no information either these tests would be conducted in a Seattle area.

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