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Wednesday Poll: What is Your Current Phone?

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The final time that we asked a Droid Life village about their stream phone, a Galaxy Nexus was still dominating, followed closely by a Galaxy S3. But given that check ran behind in Aug of final year, we’ve seen a Galaxy Note 2 surface, along with a RAZR HD, Nexus 4, DROID DNA, Nexus 4, HTC One, and of course, a Galaxy S4. Since we are now in late May of 2013, it’s time to ask again, “Which phone do we now own?”

As in prior polls, we can’t list each singular phone on a market, so we picked a tip dogs and also some from a past that many of we still seem to be pang with. For those with a Samsung phone like a GS4 or Note 2, be certain to discuss your specific conduit indication in a comments. When voting “Other,” be certain to tell us that phone it is that we have. So, tell us, that phone is your stream phone?

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