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Wednesday Poll: How Often do You Upgrade Your Phone?


With so many good choices out there for phones, it is easy to wish to constantly switch adult your daily driver. Unfortunately, shopping phones is not inexpensive off contract. Couple that with a fact that carriers have many business underneath agreement with high stop fees, a routine is done even some-more difficult.

Since a final time we ran a poll seeking about your ascent habits, all sorts of new programs by carriers that help business ascent phones some-more frequently have been introduced. They change depending on carrier, though many need small down as prolonged as we are peaceful to separate adult a cost of a phone over a certain series of monthly payments.

Here during DL, we are flattering calm with purchasing phones outright, withdrawal us with a ability to chuck in whatever SIM we choose, that means we don’t have to worry about contracts. This is one of a reasons we adore Nexus inclination so most – they are so no-contract-friendly.

Regardless of how we do it, we wish to know how mostly we ascent and/or change your phone out for a new one. Are we a flagship hopper, jumping from a latest of one OEM to another? Or do we hang with a phone for a integrate of years during a time.

Once we answer a poll, feel giveaway to go into some-more fact about a routine we go by when upgrading/changing to a new phone.

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