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Watch This Red Band Trailer For RZA’s Kung-Fu Flick ‘The Man With The Iron Fists’

The Man with a Iron Fists

A lot of The Man with The Iron Fists is formed on RZA’s everlasting mindfulness with classical kung-fu films. The initial trailer gave us an thought of what to design from a musician incited director. The film looks like it will be a blood splatter good time, though what about a other characters? Well, a new red-band trailer gives us a semi-prolific demeanour during a heroes and villains of a story. Check it out below.

RZA will be personification a favourite or, as a trailer likes to call him, a Blacksmith, a male who forges iron fists with his possess unclothed hands. Then there’s Russell Crowe, whose characteristics live adult to a name Jack Knife. Other characters’ are reasonably named formed on their attributes or a weapons they use.

But for something that claims to be a red-band trailer, a peculiarity seems roughly immature band. There isn’t a tributary volume a blood, flesh, or impertinence in this trailer. Still, looking during both trailers, we know that The Man with a Iron Fist will be some good party that will compensate loyalty to a classical kung-fu tales.

You can check out a trailer in HD on Yahoo. The film also stars Cung Le, Lucy Liu, Jamie Chung, Rick Yune, David Bautista, Grace Huang, Pam Grier, and Gordon Liu.

The Man with a Iron Fists opens in theaters on Nov 2 this year.

Here’s a central synopsis:


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