Video: Verizon Takes Us Through the History of DROID to Promote the New Family | Wifi Walker, J B Chaparal Properties

Video: Verizon Takes Us Through a History of DROID to Promote a New Family

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The DROID code during one time stood for all we could wish in a smartphone. But with some misfires over a final integrate of years, and a handful of selling campaigns that seemed to emanate difficulty and negativity rather than excitement, Verizon is going to need to do something special to move this family of inclination behind to glory. In a new blurb to help flog off what will expected be a large selling call for a ULTRA, MAXX, and Mini, Big Red is perplexing to take it behind to a roots – to a days of a strange DROID.

In this full one and a half notation blurb posted to a Verizon YouTube comment this afternoon, we are taken on a story doctrine of a DROID brand. Verizon and Motorola wish we to uncover we “innovation over flash,” phones that can do more, and to “challenge everything, again.”

It’s an engaging mark for those of us who have followed a DROID code from a commencement of a life. It really brings behind memories, though also reminds me of that strange campaign. It’s to a point. It’s bold. And it’s in-your-face a right amount.

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