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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note II receiving refurbish that includes Android 4.1 …

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II

Looks like iPhone 5 owners aren’t a ones removing a glossy new refurbish today, as Verizon has begun pulling out an refurbish to a chronicle of a Samsung Galaxy Note II. The large disproportion between a dual updates is that a Galaxy Note II’s refurbish is much, many incomparable than a iPhone’s, that is indeed only like a inclination themselves.

According to Verizon’s support documents, a Galaxy Note II’s refurbish weighs in during 246.5MB and facilities a build series JZO54K.I605VRAMC3. Two of a many important tools of this refurbish are a strike adult to Android 4.1.2 as good as Multi-Window support for some-more apps, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Google Maps. Some of a other large improvements embody improved Wi-Fi connectivity, a Notification Panel modifying menu and support for a Samsung Smart Switch app. The full changelog for a I605VRAMC3 refurbish is accessible during a bottom of this post.

Verizon hasn’t done an central proclamation per this update’s rollout, though Droid-Life and several of a site’s commenters contend that they’ve already managed to get it installed. If we don’t feel like watchful for a refurbish to be rolled out to your neck of a woods, we can check for it manually by streamer into Settings About phone System Updates. This looks like a flattering brawny update, so if you’re rocking a Galaxy Note II that’s got a “Verizon” tattoo on a home button, we might wish to try and squeeze this fool as shortly as possible. Be certain to give us a scream once you’ve updated!



  • Download images around Enterprise Exchange email
  • Download ring behind tones by VZTones chronicle 5.1.2 preloaded application
  • Access downloaded languages on a Samsung keyboard
  • Use Multi Window support for some-more applications (YouTube, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Kindle, Viewdini, Google Maps and Talk)
  • Search or filter by Name in a dialer screen
  • The snooze choice in a Alarm Clock app is set to “ON” by default
  • All Alarm Clock options are now ocular but a need to press a “more” button
  • Added a Notification Panel modifying menu underneath Display Settings
  • Transfer calm from your aged device seamlessly with a Samsung Smart Switch application, now supported


  • VZ Navigator®
  • SMS content messaging
  • Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant Plus∞
  • ISIS Mobile Wallet
  • Exchange Active Sync (EAS) email
  • Wi-Fi connectivity


  • Android OS updated to chronicle 4.1.2 – including several Google confidence patches
  • Added support for IPV6 end-to-end when regulating Mobile Hotspot application
  • Improvements to Exchange email syncing have been made
  • User is now told when device is in aeroplane mode: “Outlook can't send e-mail while in aeroplane mode. Email will be saved to Outbox.” 
  • The following preloaded applications( have been altered to stub applications for new activations or if a bureau reset is performed: VZ Navigator, Viewdini, NFL, Amazon Kindle, IMDB
  • Fixed a over-sized content in S-Note when a phone is rotated to landscape mode
  • Removed transcribe calendar sync events with applications like Facebook
  • Back Up Assistant Plus∞ now supports a environment to name a auto-back adult time
  • Group Cast preloaded focus name has been renamed to Group Play


  • Zappos

Via Droid-Life, Verizon Wireless

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