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Verizon’s Galaxy S4 Features Components to Support Future AWS Network …

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The Galaxy S4 being sole by Verizon appears to be destiny proof, folks. Whenever shopping a new square of tech, a regulating fun is that whatever we buy will many expected be old-fashioned within a integrate of months after shopping it, though it looks like Verizon took a few additional stairs to make certain that was not a case.

According to a news out of Bloomberg, inside a Galaxy S4 on Verizon lay special components, ones that concede a device to run on a carrier’s destiny Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) network. From studies Verizon has done, AWS will concede for browsing speeds twice that of what we are now saying here in America. 

With a strain already being beheld on their 4G LTE network, Verizon says they are looking to start branch on a AWS within a subsequent few months, as construction has already taken place in certain heavily populated areas in a U.S., such as New York City. According to their projections, within 3 years, subscribers regulating on their 4G LTE network will strech 6 to 7 times that of that are now regulating it.

Ability to run on Verizon’s subsequent network will come by an OTA refurbish to a Galaxy S4, that should take place in a nearby destiny as Big Red readies to flip a AWS switch.

Could a further of these AWS components be a means of Verizon’s “delayed” GS4 launch?

Via: Bloomberg

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