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Verizon Wireless Helps Customers Become "Gadget Geeks" in Less Than 30 Minutes

Free tutorials charity during Verizon Wireless Communications Stores in New York-New Jersey Metro Area Customers might walk-in or call for appointment with device specialist.

ORANGEBURG, NY — New Jersey Metro area residents meddlesome in navigating their approach by a immeasurable preference of wireless phones, PDAs and PC cards are invited to accommodate with internal Verizon Wireless device specialists for giveaway tutorials in applications and short-cuts that can help them get a many out of regulating today’s increasingly versatile Verizon Wireless devices.

Trained to offer everybody from business owners to hockey moms, Verizon Wireless approved device specialists can renovate technically-challenged business into wireless “Gadget Geeks” in reduction than 30 mins by holding them by personal, hands-on training on their new handsets. Available on-site during Verizon Wireless Communications stores in a region, device specialists help business know accurately what their new inclination can do and how they can entrance and request device facilities to best support them in their day-to-day needs.

“Our idea is to help any patron name a device, cost devise and services best-suited to their specific needs, either it’s for business or personal use,” pronounced Pat Devlin, boss of a company’s New York Metro Region. “Each patron receives a consummate debate of their device and a applications before they leave a store, giveaway of charge. Our device specialists are dedicated to holding a time that any patron needs to learn how to spin their Verizon Wireless device into a apparatus for handling their lives. More and more, we’re saying business rest on their wireless inclination as a categorical process of joining to a Internet and a device specialists help them get a many out of Verizon Wireless’ high-speed, 3G Mobile Broadband services, during home and on a road.”

Hassan Brown, one of a company’s initial device specialists when Verizon Wireless began a module a year ago, now assists about 200 business a month, many of whom are new users.

“There are so many applications and facilities packaged into a inclination that many people don’t know all a capabilities of their phone, generally if they are a first-time user or doing an upgrade,” Brown said. “Spending a time to plead these capabilities, generally with first-time smartphone users, satisfies a lot of customers’ needs. Regardless of what kind of device business choose, holding a time to lay down with a device dilettante unequivocally helps them get a many out of their wireless experience. The some-more business know, a some-more confident they are.”

The questions many frequently asked by business engage email and wireless broadband access. The tip 3 questions from new users are:

* How do we set adult email?
* How can we entrance a Internet from my phone?
* How do we harmonise or review email on my phone?

Other frequently asked questions are specific to a customer’s new device and are focused on memory label locations, design messaging, voicemail set adult and syncing Bluetooth headsets.

Device specialists also help people learn to navigate some-more simple mobile phones. Recently, many Communications Stores have seen an boost in senior-age business requesting instruction on voicemail retrieval, content messaging, and holding photos and promulgation them to family and friends.

Customers meddlesome in an appointment with a device dilettante can call their internal Verizon Wireless Communications Store or simply walk-in to any of a scarcely 90 stores via metro New York and New Jersey staffed with specialists. For a full list of store locations and business hours, revisit

Verizon Wireless is a famous patron compensation personality in a U.S. wireless attention for patron service, network coverage, products and services. For example, a association has led a attention in top patron loyalty/lowest shake for 19 uninterrupted quarters.

Verizon Wireless has invested some-more than $2.2 billion in a New York Metro-area network and about $50 billion opposite a republic given 2000 in sequence to boost coverage and capacity, charity business a nation’s many arguable use and a best patron experience. For some-more information on Verizon Wireless, revisit Follow us on Twitter during

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