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Verizon Revives Droid Feed For a Game

Verizon Wireless yesterday reactivated a @DroidLanding Twitter feed with some charming tweets (below) about new Droid products that competence be nearing soon.

The Twitter feed afterwards tweeted out a YouTube video (also below), that promotes something called “Droid Combat,” entrance this month.

But sadly, Verizon says this isn’t a teaser for a phone launch. We asked Verizon mouthpiece Brenda Raney about a link, and she said, “the couple was activated to announce a game.”

The diversion in doubt seems to be an protracted existence fight diversion (notice a flashing letters “AR” via a video) from diversion studio Munkyfun, that grown a “Bionic Arena” scavenger hunt diversion for Verizon’s Motorola Droid Bionic phone. 

The “Droid” code belongs to Verizon Wireless, not to any specific manufacturer. Verizon has slapped it on phones from Motorola, Samsung, and HTC in a past.

It’s been months given Verizon launched a final Droid-branded phone, a HTC Droid DNA. According to attention sources, a conduit had designed a “Droid DNA+” with identical specs to a HTC One before determining to go with an central HTC One indication instead, that doesn’t seem to have a Droid brand.

The new diversion could vigilance a run-up to a new Droid device, of course. If it’s entrance this summer, it also won’t be a “Moto X,” that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside pronounced in May is currently scheduled for October.

What do we consider we’ll see from Verizon Wireless this summer?

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