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Verizon Offering Moto X 2014 For $50 On 2 Years Contract


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The new cost of $499.99 is though agreement and is labelled as such since of a updated distance and selection of a Moto X (2014). According to Android Authority many might feel that this new cost tab of $500 and adult though agreement knocks it out of viable row when looking for a good agreement giveaway phone. They also go on to state that this is a good phone that has entered a smartphone marketplace with other inclination with a same specifications and should final a users a integrate of years.

Moto maker is charity customization on this phone. If users are meddlesome in this phone they can place their sequence on a Motorola website as shortly as possible, this is a singular time offer and a best understanding that Verizon is charity on a Moto X 2014. This handset could also be bought elsewhere though Moto Maker offers customization according to a user’s choice. The offer ends on Oct. 20 during 11:59 PM Eastern Time.

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