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Verizon creates Motorola DROID Bionic Jelly Bean refurbish official, rollout starts …

Verizon Motorola DROID Bionic

We’ve gotten hints in new weeks that a Motorola DROID Bionic’s Jelly Bean refurbish could be removing close, including news of soak exam invitations going out to Motorola Feedback Network members. Now we know all that there is to know about a update, as Verizon has strictly spilled a sum of a DROID Bionic’s Jelly Bean bump. Documents on a Bionic’s central support page exhibit that a new refurbish is chronicle 98.72.22.XT875.Verizon.en.US and that a Bionic will be left on Android 4.1.2 once a dirt settles and a 98.72MB refurbish is installed. 

As distant as enhancements go, DROID Bionic owners can design to see softened voice and information connectivity, softened mobile hotspot information connectivity, calendar improvements and a dismissal of a preinstalled Sling and MOG apps. Also enclosed are a common Jelly Bean goodies, such as Google Now, actionable notifications and smoother opening interjection to Project Butter. The full DROID Bionic Jelly Bean changelog is accessible for your examination during a bottom of this post.

Verizon says that a DROID Bionic’s refurbish to Android 4.1.2 will start rolling out in phases on Apr 15, so it’ll usually be a few some-more days before Bionic-ers (Bionic-ites?) are means to penetrate their teeth into Jelly Bean. That’s flattering sparkling news for owners of a DROID Bionic, that has led a rather engaging life for a smartphone.

Originally announced in early 2011, a DROID Bionic didn’t indeed launch until Sep 2011 after undergoing a bit of a makeover. When it did finally arrive, it did so with Android 2.3 Gingerbread in tow, that is a really opposite chronicle of Google’s mobile OS than a one that a Bionic will be using subsequent week. Now get to celebrating, Bionic owners, gentle in a believe that you’ll shortly be means to use Google Now and act on notifications only like your newer DROID brethren.



  • Sometimes you’d rather only pronounce your hunt query. Android lets we hunt a web with your voice, and it’s available for removing discerning answers on a fly. It speaks behind to we and is powered by a Knowledge Graph, bringing we a accurate answer and ranking hunt results.


  • Take movement directly from a notifications panel. Send emails, lapse calls, share photos and more. Notifications are expandable so we can indicate mixed emails, perspective eventuality sum and full images.


  • Just a right information during only a right time. Get today’s continue before we start your day and know how most trade to design before we leave for work. Cards seem via a day automatically.


  • More accurate and applicable dictionaries have been implemented. Jelly Bean’s keyboard guesses a subsequent word before we form it and voice typing now works even when we don’t have a information connection. Text-to-Speech capabilities have been improved.


  • Move between home screens with some-more discerning graphics
  • Smoother transitions
  • More reactive and uniform hold responses
  • Personalize your home shade simply by fixation widgets directly on a screen


  • Improved voice and information connectivity quality
  • Calendar settings have been improved
  • Improvements to Mobile Hotspot information connectivity have been made
  • Improved trustworthiness and connectivity of Back Up Assistant Plus Visual Voicemail
  • Sling and MOG focus preloads have been removed

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