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Verizon is Closing Out Inventory of a DROID DNA in Anticipation of a HTC One

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With summer on us,  and Verizon carrying concurred that it will carry a HTC One “later” this season, we’ve been told that stores are now using promos for sales reps to pierce remaining register of a DROID DNA and Incredible 4G LTE. In fact, both phones have been flagged for “close out” within a final day or so (pictured above). Once a final device is sold, stores (at slightest of a 3rd celebration variety) will no longer batch possibly device to make room for something new, expected a One. A organisation launch date for a HTC One on Verizon has nonetheless to be revealed. 

I don’t wish to assume too most since Verizon pronounced that they are carrying a One, specifically, though this does mislay dual DROID branded inclination from a lineup, withdrawal usually a antiquated RAZR HD and RAZR M underneath a renouned tag. With a @DroidLanding Twitter comment reactivating in a final day, with some arrange of diversion or competition on a horizon, we’re arrange of awaiting a new DROID phone to arrive. The doubt is – what phone could that be? HTC appears to wish to absolved itself of specific conduit brands, while Motorola and their Moto X might do a same. So what is left?

Either way, it was good meaningful you, DROID DNA. You were a savage in your possess right, with that beautiful 1080p arrangement and neat matte black exterior.

Cheers ___ and ___!

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