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HTC EVO 4G Teardown

Maybe I’m a bit odd but I love seeing a good teardown of popular handsets. Especially when it’s caught on video and at the end it gets reassembled and it still boots up. Hate to be a biz kill but there’s no video for this one, it’s just a good ole teardown of the HTC EVO 4G (including Thunderbolt maybe?).

Many of us wonder how our phones look on the inside but didn’t want to run the risk of ruining it forever by taking it apart ourselves. Thanks to popular online repair site, ifixit, you can view this and other teardowns right from the comfort of your home computer. And if you really adventurous, there’s even a step by step guide on how to perform this task yourself.

From the looks of it all you need are 3 tools, a Phillips #00 Screwdriver, T5 Torx Screwdriver and an iPod Opening Tools. If you have these and an EVO 4G you could get started. This site is also a great place to go if you wish to repair your own device, this will save a bunch of time and will likely give you a big headache. But in the end you will learn a lot and be comfortable with repairing cell phones, I would just have mines replaced but I’m sure there are a few of you that like this type of stuff.


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