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Verizon HTC One Isn’t The DROID You’re Looking For, This Is

Back in Nov 2011 we saw a final @DroidLanding Tweet go out, though currently a Twitter comment has been reactivated and this teases fans that maybe something new is entrance a way.

The Twitter comment of @DroidLanding in a past has offering information along with contests about Droid branded inclination streamer to Verizon and currently it has come behind to life, with a Tweet that is rather deceptive and that hints that something is entrance in a nearby future.

The Twitter comment has been in dormancy given 2011, when a Droid Bionic and Droid Razr phones were launched. However it is now reactivated and says that it is tighten to handling and that people should watch out for some-more information per Tweets.

There isn’t many information during a moment. However Verizon are pronounced to have many inclination streamer their approach and it is looking presumably that this could be for a competition for a Droid device that has already been announced, or for something new.

DroidLanding @DroidLanding

Reactivation protocols instituted ::: Systems impending operational standing ::: Stand by for serve instructions…
8:57 PM – 18 Jun 2013

If it is to be a new Droid device afterwards there are countless candidates. These embody a HTC One, a HTC Butterfly S, Moto X and a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. It could be something that we have not nonetheless listened of, maybe from LG or Huawei, who have only shown off a Adcend P6 flagship. It is unfit to say, though those might be a front runners to have a Droid branding.

Perhaps a many judicious is a Moto X, that is entrance from Motorola. They are a ones behind a Droid code name. There have been other handsets from HTC and Samsung, however a large handsets have come from Motorola. Perhaps HTC and Verizon might be re-branding a HTC One and this could spin adult as a Droid One or they could be job a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini a Droid.

Of march there is also a probability that this could be in propinquity to a competition or maybe a understanding of a device that is official.

There is a lot of conjecture going around, though for now we will have to wait to find out what @DroidLanding is adult to in a days to come.

In a new refurbish @DroidLanding sent out another messages observant that they are going into scavenge mode. They have also posted a video related to a Twitter page, observant that a new Droid diversion will be entrance to Android soon.

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