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Verizon DROID smartphone incoming as ‘DroidLanding’ initiates

Oh snap, what do we have here? For all we longtime readers and Verizon fans, a intensely renouned @DroidLanding Twitter page (official by a way) has been a source for arriving Verizon DROID smartphones for a prolonged time. Dating behind to a DROID X, Motorola DROID 2/3, and most more. The promotional Twitter page has been wordless given a strange DROID RAZR in Nov of 2011, and currently it has dismissed adult again and has a seductiveness severely piqued.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 during 1.57.33 PM

Basically this means within a subsequent month or so, a DROID device will be alighting on Verizon Wireless followed by a outrageous promotion, scavenger hunt, or some other sparkling and enchanting fun by Verizon. The comment customarily has mysterious tweets about arriving products, launch pages with all a sum (remember a DROID BIONIC) and all forms of good calm for we DROID fans.

I don’t even know what to think. If memory serves me right (which it customarily doesn’t) this comment has always been for DROID devices, though exclusively Motorola DROID smartphones on Verizon. We know a DROID DNA and other HTC inclination have ragged a name, though a @DroidLanding page is all about Motorola. Right?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 during 1.49.59 PM

Is a Motorola DROID entrance soon? Could this be a Moto X phone we’ve been conference so most about? We have another idea. Maybe this isn’t only Motorola and we can all get vehement for a HTC DROID One from Verizon Wireless. We unequivocally have no clue. Another theory could be a new 5.9-inch DROID T6 phablet that’s been rumored as of late. we unequivocally have no idea what to think, though they’re confirming that “reactivation protocols have been initiated” and we need to “standby for serve instructions.”

Update: Verizon and DroidLanding are prepared to stone and roll. We should be training some-more really soon. They’ve expelled a video, and it appears another scavenger hunt to find a subsequent DROID will be holding place. Stay tuned

What do we guys consider this is? We’ll be waiting…

VIA: @DroidLanding –Thanks to everybody who sent this in!

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