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Verizon confirms an refurbish to repair a Galaxy Nexus network emanate – news

A lot of Verizon Galaxy Nexus have reported this “problem” with a phone where it shows reduce vigilance strength compared to other Verizon phones in a same area.

Verizon has now pronounced that a emanate is indeed not with their network though simply with a approach a Galaxy Nexus shows a strength. They also pronounced that they will be releasing an refurbish shortly that will make a vigilance bars act in line with all a other Verizon phones.

The thing is, it’s not as easy as it sound. AnandTech has created an in-depth essay on this matter and their commentary are fascinating. First of all, as they report, people are comparing a LTE vigilance strength with 1x/EVDO strength, that is wrong as they are incomparable. The Galaxy Nexus shows a LTE strength in SettingsAbout since other Verizon LTE Android phones uncover a 1x/EVDO strength.

Secondly, when they compared a Galaxy Nexus and a DROID BIONIC side by side, they found that both had a accurate same tangible vigilance strength though a DROID BIONIC was stating most aloft vigilance strength in a form of bars since Galaxy Nexus displayed what was a tangible vigilance strength, that was most reduction in their case.

This means that a rest of a Verizon phones are displaying fake information by vigilance bars that is done to demeanour a network demeanour good even if it isn’t so and a Galaxy Nexus is a usually phone right now that shows it as it is. And now Verizon will be releasing an refurbish for it that make it only like others. This shows that we can’t trust carrier-branded phones when it comes to displaying a tangible vigilance strength.

You can find some-more about it in a second source couple below.

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