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Verizon and AT&T LG G2 Receive Quick Root Treatment

LG G2 Verizon ATT

Well, a wait for base on a new LG G2 was not prolonged during all. According to users on XDA, an easy rooting routine for a new device on possibly ATT or Verizon has been released. As a tip, we will need some elementary ADB believe to get yourself started. If we can set that up, and after we have downloaded a correct drivers and one-click software, your device will afterwards be rooted. After personification around with a Titanium backup process, afterwards creation certain a tradition liberation is installed, users should be means to have a lot of fun with this phone in terms of hacking.

For a full list of instructions to get we started, follow a couple below. And please, be clever when attempting these tasks with your new phones. Make certain to follow all instructions delicately and make backups whenever possible.

Let us know how it goes if we try it.

Via: XDA

Cheers Han, Open1Your1Eyes0, and Richard!

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