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Verizon 4G Outage Finally Over…for Some Users

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Verizon has easy 4G LTE use for during slightest some customers. Verizon business with 4G LTE devices, such as a Droid Bionic and HTC Thunderbolt, began angry of a information use outage as early as Monday dusk on a easterly coast. Customers from usually about each state complained of outages via a day.

The outage influenced those with smartphones and other inclination that run on Verizon’s rapid 4G LTE network. These inclination are designed to tumble behind on Verizon’s slower, yet some-more widely accessible 3G network. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen, that meant some Verizon business with a latest smartphones could not get online during all.

This is a third time Verizon’s 4G LTE network has left down this year. The 4G LTE network crashed in April and again in September.

Verizon business are understandably upset with a use disruption. Calls to Verizon’s patron use supposing small use as many business were told that a conduit was wakeful of a situation, yet that there was no timeframe on when use would be restored.

As of 6pm PDT, use has been easy in San Francisco. Some GottaBeMobile readers are stating that use has also been easy in other vital cities. However, a intrusion is in full outcome for many others.

Earlier today, one of a reviewers reported that usually one of a 3 Verizon 4G LTE inclination she was carrying was means to get online.

Verizon business with 3G-only inclination did not knowledge any widespread problems today.

While a Verizon outage might be a teenager distrurbance for those looking to refurbish their Facebook statues or share a photo, many others use smartphones and datacards for most some-more critical purposes. Those who simply contingency be means to get online for veteran or reserve reasons might recur either a network that has 3 days of outages within 8 months is value a risk.

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  • I’m blissful it’s behind adult in Troy, AL. we was starting to go by LTE withdrawals. 

  • Roll Tide!


  • Using a blurb network for “public reserve reasons?”  Public reserve organizations have their possess networks that they conduct themselves usually for these outage concerns.  Commercial network services for open reserve users is usually for connectivity that can be lived without.  Life or genocide trade is on a private network.

  • Good, we suspicion it was usually my Bionic malfunctioning. Bad timing though, we use my Bionic as a mobile modem for my laptop when we transport out-of-state, so the been a pain watchful for it to come behind online on this trip. Working good now.

  • 3G has been down in NJ given final night.

  • Working good here in Houston, usually had a integrate of hrs outage final nite.  we get violent d/l sppeds on my Revolution.  A small pain is value it!



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