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Valentine Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Whether a amateur or consultant guitar player, any strumming musician will get a disturb out of a Jamstix, a novel new product that works with Apple devices. It’s a portable, wireless tool that mimics a demeanour and feel of guitar strings and frets that connects with your computer, inscription or iPhone to record a song we play. The Jamstix can be purchased by Apple or their website; prices start during 3 hundred dollars.

One of a many talked about equipment to emerge during this year’s Consumer Electronic Show is Sony’s revamped, high-end walkman. At a cost tab of over one thousand dollars, this would be a present for a loyal audiophile. When it’s expelled after this season, we get a neat device that has adequate storage for 1700 high fortitude tracks.

Finally, any song partner will conclude a new span of high peculiarity headphones. CNET editors contend a Audio Technica ATH-M50X is a best we can buy underneath dual hundred dollars. The sound is excellent, they’re gentle and they come with 3 cords for versatility.

(Kara Tsuboi, for CBS News)

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