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Turning Plastic Trash into Fantastic Tiles!

After overwhelming audiences in Beijing, Shanghai, and many recently in London, a Trashpresso creates a approach to a Milan Design Week. The large machine, large adequate to fit into a 40-ft shipping container, is a world’s initial off-grid, industrial class recycling solution. What does it do? Turns cosmetic rubbish into stunning, upcycled architectural tiles.

The upcycling routine takes place in 5 stages. The collected cosmetic rubbish is initial shredded, afterwards washed, air-dried, dehumidified, and afterwards baked into molds that form a recycled cosmetic into beautifully patterned hexagonal tiles. Made from PET waste, a tiles are durable, long-lasting, and continue resistant.

The Trashpresso can upcycle adult to 50 kilograms of cosmetic rubbish per hour, converting immeasurable expanses of cosmetic rubbish into musical tiles that can be used in homes. The appurtenance can be ecstatic anywhere a lorry can reach, and relies on solar energy to run itself. It also leaves a 0 H2O footprint, as each liter it uses is looped behind by 3 stairs of filtration: quartz silt filter, ultrafiltration, and retreat osmosis.

The Trashpresso will be showcased during a Milan Design Week 2018 from Apr 15th to a 22nd.

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