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Tuesday Poll: By a End of 2012, Which Phone Will You Own?

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Over a final several of months, we have seen some-more high-end phones announced than in any time duration we can remember over a past integrate of years. Samsung started things off by releasing a Galaxy S3 and will follow that adult with a Galaxy Note 2. Motorola forsaken a RAZR M and RAZR HD on us. LG and Google gave us a Nexus 4. And finally, HTC is scheming to sell a DROID DNA, a world’s initial 1080p phone.

So my doubt currently is, that of these phones are we going to possess by a finish of this year? We know that many of we are formulation to ascent to something in a entrance weeks or during a holidays. What will it be? And if we don’t devise on picking adult one of these new ones, feel giveaway to select “Other” and afterwards let us know in a comments. We also enclosed a Galaxy Nexus since we know that many of we aren’t prepared to give it adult yet.

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