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Try 3 months of HBO Max for a cost of 1 when shopping a new Chromecast

The Google Store has been bundling 6 months of Netflix with a $90 Chromecast with Google TV package — because not do a same with HBO Max? Well, it usually did. Sort of.

The new Chromecast with Google TV and HBO Max bundle is $65 — a total cost of a $50 device and one month of a streaming service, ad-free. But instead of removing 1 month, you’ll be removing 3 months instead. The offer is limited, though, to new subscribers only, and any Google comment is singular to 3 bundles.

Google expects to offer a gold by 2022. HBO Max emancipation codes will be redeemable by a finish of Feb 2023 — if we need help reckoning out what to do with that code, check this Chromecast Help page. After a giveaway 3 months, business will be charged during a unchanging $15 per month rate.

And yes, we do consider a Chromecast with Google TV is value a buy if you’re in a marketplace for a new OTT radio dongle.

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