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Touchscreen Tablet provides mobile content transfer and backup.

Cellebrite Touch(TM) Device Provides Fast, Easy Synchronization of Mobile Content at the Point-of-Sale

ORLANDO, Fla. — Cellebrite, providing the tools, technology and talent to optimize mobile device-driven data, today announced the general availability of Cellebrite Touch, the latest addition to its Universal Memory Exchanger family of mobile data synchronization and backup solutions, in the United States. The Cellebrite Touch is a tablet device for mobile phone operators, retailers and service centers that allows them to instantaneously transfer a customer’s mobile content to a new phone, increasing individual sales value with the installation of mobile applications or content at the point of purchase.

For mobile operators and retailers, the explosion of mobile content has opened up new opportunities to drive revenue by offering subscribers new features and applications during the purchase or upgrade of a phone or service. Yet companies continue to seek out the most effective ways to offer content at the point-of-sale while still providing an optimal customer service experience.

The Cellebrite Touch device is designed and manufactured specifically to enable customer service representatives to transfer content or offer new applications and services to users from anywhere in the store. The device provides phone-to-phone transfer of all content, including contacts, messages, photos, videos and audio files, and supports more than 3,000 phone makes and models. Additional features include:

— A 7-inch touchscreen for fast and easy operation, with full, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities
— Backup and restore of content onto a USB device, SD card, remote server or third-party application
— Opportunity to install mobile applications and content as a special purchase incentive or to increase sale value or data usage at the point-of-sale
— Multiple applications built into the device, such as firmware flashing, which allows faults to be repaired on site and reduces the need to return phones to the vendor

Cellebrite’s latest mobile content transfer and backup solution is already in use at multiple tier-one operators and retail locations across the United States. The company’s UME-36 PRO for more than a decade has been the de facto standard in point-of-sale mobile content transfer and backup, with almost 90 percent market-share and more than 85,000 devices installed worldwide.

“As mobile operators and retailers continuously look to increase their value to subscribers, the in-store customer experience is the perfect place to start,” said Adi Ofrat, CEO, Cellebrite US. “The Cellebrite Touch is a natural evolution of our business, as it offers operators and retailers the ability to enhance the mobile content transfer and backup services they’ve been offering for years through our UME solutions. Just as the tablet PC is changing the personal computing landscape, our tablet solution will change the point-of-sale mobile content transfer and backup experiences for operators and users alike.”

The Cellebrite Touch will be on display at the CTIA Wireless 2011 Conference, March 22-24, 2011, in Orlando, Fla., booth # 3283. To schedule a demo, please contact Mark Van Hook, Articulate Communications,, 212.255.0080 ext. 33. Click here to learn more about Cellebrite’s full range of mobile content transfer and backup solutions for operators and retailers.

About Cellebrite

Cellebrite provides the tools, technology and talent to acquire, transfer and synchronize mobile device-generated data. Cellebrite’s unique combination of proven, innovative technology, history of market leadership and depth of experience makes the company the de facto technology company for all of its customers’ mobile data needs. The company provides cell phone synchronization and management systems for carrier-grade point of sale (POS) and forensic data analysis solutions for law enforcement. Cellebrite’s products have been deployed reliably and effectively throughout the world and used for both commercial data synchronization and forensic data analysis. Founded by industry experts from the telecom and mobile telephony fields, Cellebrite is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sun Corporation, a Nikkei-listed Japanese company (6736). For more information, visit

CONTACT: Mark Van Hook, Articulate Communications Inc., +1-212-255-0080, ext. 33,


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