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Top 5 Killer Features iPhone 5 Needs to Ace a Droid Bionic

With mysterious messages entrance from Apple and a large proclamation entrance Oct. 4 a Internet gossip indent has been all abuzz. Speculation is using furious with speak of a new entrance turn iPhone 4S and a new and softened iPhone 5.

However, a iPhone 5 has some really means foe with a Droid array of phones from Verizon that is powered by Google’s Android OS and is already accessible for purchase. The Droid Bionic is a 4G beast with copiousness of functionality packaged into a tiny and neat design.

Will a iPhone 5 be means to smoke-stack adult to a foe or does Droid Bionic only do too much. We sifted by what’s entrance down a vine to see if Apple will ambience a honeyed booze of success or only finish adult with green grapes.

Can iPhone 5 kick Droid Bionic? Yes, if it has torpedo features. Start a slideshow to find out what they are.

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