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Top 10 Droid Bionic Tips and Tricks for Primed Bionic Droidness & Power Part II

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The Droid Bionic is for now a many absolute smartphone on a Verizon 4G LTE network until a Droid RAZR, Samsung Galaxy Nexus and HTC Rezound (Vigor) come out,  hopefully, in time for a holidays.

In a meantime, we’d like to get a readers adult to speed regulating as many facilities of a Droid Bionic as we need.  Android is a absolute handling complement and Verizon 4G LTE is a a really quick network. Let’s see how we can get a many out of both.

In a prior Droid Bionic tips, essay we lonesome homescreens, wireless media streaming, email comment setup and a camera that are commencement to middle features.  Let’s demeanour during some some-more modernized tips. Videos uncover any Droid Bionic tip during a finish of this article.

 Video Conference Face to Face with Google Talk

You can video discuss with Google Talk on a Droid Bionic  and we can also uncover your friends what is function around you. For example, we are during a assembly and we deliberate with your client, we can uncover your customer what is on a circular house or on a smorgasboard table.

  • From app menu, daub Google Talk, sign-in.
  • Locate a chairman we wish to video discuss with.
  • Tap a camera idol subsequent to their name. Once they offshoot adult we can see them and talk.
  • If wish to uncover them something, with behind camera, daub a shade to pierce adult a menu, daub a camera icon, daub again to switch to front camera.


Manage your Battery Life/Power

You can maximize your battery with a battery manager and chosing battery modes.  You can even customize your battery saving mode.

  • Touch menu key,  daub settings, daub battery and information manager.
  • Select battery mode.
  • Choose saving modes.
  • To find out what is regulating your battery, reason a battery in a battery manager and see what’s eating adult all battery juice.


App-Overload? Create App Groups

You can be overloaded with apps on your shade to make it easier to find apps, we can make app groups to reason a app groups and afterwards and a by-pass to your homescreen. This is so that we can find apps simply but scrolling by all of your apps.

How to Make an App Group

  • From app menu taps all apps.
  • Select new group. Name app group.
  • Choose organisation app icon, name save.
  • Tap supplement icon, name apps we wish to add, daub OK.
  • You can supplement an app to an existent app group, by drumming and holding a app icon, name supplement to group, name organisation we wish to supplement it too.


How to Make an App Group Shortcut

  • To emanate an app organisation shortcut, daub and reason dull space on homescreen.
  • Select shortcuts, daub app groups, name app organisation to uncover shortcut.


Scroll Your Widget Info

Instead of holding adult a full shade for apps,  we can use srolling widgets on your homescreen.  You don’t have to open a app for email, calendar, or tasks.

  • Tap reason on an dull space on homescreen.
  • Choose widgets. Select a widget your wish for instance calendar.
  • Choose a style, daub done.
  • The scrolling widget will seem on your reason screen.
  • Tap and reason to pierce it around. Tap and reason corners to distance it.


Quick Contacts on Home Screen

There are some people we hit some-more than others. You cant take those contacts and supplement them to a homescreen for easy entrance of Quick Contacts.

  • Tap and reason on any dull space on a homescreen, a menu appears.
  • Tap widgets and name Quick Contacts.
  • The widget is placed on your homescreen.
  • Tap a supplement idol to supplement your favorite contacts.
  • Select contacts we dismal to add.
  • When we wish to hit a hit – daub a hit to content message, call, email or get pushing directions. Swipe down a widget to see some-more contacts.


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