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Top 10 Budget QWERTY Phones

Off late QWERTY mobile phones have turn unequivocally renouned privately among students and immature professionals since they offer many improved messaging capability, amicable networking entrance and email access. Also a incomparable distance enables manufactures to gold in bigger batteries with many aloft speak time.

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Keeping students and immature professionals in mind where cost of a mobile is one of a pivotal considerations, we have combined this list of Top 10 Popular Budget Qwerty phones. These are some of a best QWERTY phones accessible in a marketplace during a cost operation of Rs. 5000 or less.

micromax q7
Micromax Q5FB and a inheritor Q7 have been one of a many renouned bill Qwerty mobiles in India. These mobiles are renouned because, they demeanour unequivocally good, have a decent UI and build peculiarity and also offer horde of facilities for a unequivocally low price. Q7 has a Wi-Fi over Q5FB. These mobiles have been pitched as Facebook phone that has unequivocally captivated lots of students and immature professionals who wish to sojourn amicable 24X7. Both these phones come with Dual SIM and one hold Facebook access. Overall Micromax Q5FB and Q7 are a glorious value for income phones.

Best Price: Rs. 3,829

micromax bling q55
Micromax Bling Q55 was exclusively designed for girls and immature ladies with Swarovski studded chassis. It is one of best looking and neat phones accessible in a market. It also facilities a self-centredness counterpart on a back and a singular pivot slider design. UI and underline correct it is identical to Micromax Q5FB. It is twin SIM, comes with a 2 MP camera, one hold Facebook access, Audio actor powered by YAMAHA, and supports several IMs like Gtalk and Yahoo messenger. Over all with a price, singular pattern and horde of features, it has turn unequivocally renouned among a womanlike users.

Best Price: Rs. 3,949

samsung ch@t 322
Samsung Ch@t 322 C3222 is a new phone launched by Samsung to aim a outrageous marketplace for bill amicable networking enabled qwerty phones targeted towards students and immature professional. It comes with a Dual SIM support, Qwerty keypad with a visual trackpad (which is many improved than a trackball in other mobiles), 1.3 MP camera and widgets /applications for Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messengers like Gtalk and Yahoo. What it lacks is Wi-Fi that can be understanding breaker for some, though differently this is a illusory phone from a conjectural handset manufacturer. Overall it’s a good phone for someone looking for a inexpensive and arguable messaging phone.

Best Price: Rs. 4,329

samsung ch@t 335
Samsung Ch@t 335 S3353 is a aloft finish indication of Samsung discuss C3222 though still during a unequivocally appealing price. It comes with a Qwerty Keypad and an visual trackpad. It facilities a vast 2.4 in. display, GPRS Edge and Wi-Fi. It comes with 2 MP camera, sound alive audio effects, 3.5 mm jack. It is a full featured amicable networking device with built in entrance to Facebook, Twitter, Instant messaging clients for Gtalk and Yahoo and support for personal email like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. All this is corroborated by a glorious battery with a speak time of adult to 12 hours. Overall during a cost it’s a take and a best accessible handset in a range.

Best Price: 5,149

samsung corby plus
Samsung Corby Plus B3410 is a slider qwerty chronicle of a renouned Corby series. Corby Series has been unequivocally renouned among students and immature professionals as they offer affordable hold shade phones with good facilities and in-built amicable networking access. But hold shade can be utterly a pain if we are into lot of messaging. That’s because Samsung Corby Plus B3410 with a slider full qwerty is an overwhelming phone. It offers a vast arrangement with touchscreen and a full qwerty. All these facilities for a cost operation meant a super value for income and a unequivocally renouned phone.

Best Price: Rs. 5,365

Nokia x2-01
Nokia X2-01 is a new phone from Nokia targeted towards a outrageous marketplace for bill Qwerty phones with amicable networking capabilities. Though Nokia is a late entrant in this segment, we am certain that in few months it will browbeat this shred with a plain code reputation, arguable and plain phone and a good patron service. Nokia X2-01 comes with a 2.4 in. display, Symbian Series 40 UI, 6th book with support for Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging and email. It also comes with a 2GB memory card. Major obstacle is that it does not underline 3G or Wi-Fi. But during a cost Nokia X2-01 is a super value for money.

Best Price: Rs. 3,845

Nokia c3
Nokia C3 is an affordable Qwerty mobile from Nokia. It comes with a 2.4 in. display, full Qwerty keypad, full Social Networking formation on a home shade with dedicated buttons. It runs on Symbian Series 40 UI, 6th edition. It comes with a 2MP camera and 3.5mm audio jack. A 2GB memory label is bundled. Wi-Fi is accessible though 3G is not present. Overall it’s a good phone for a cost operation and caters to users who are looking for a decent phone for amicable networking, messaging and music.

Best Price: Rs. 5,724

Spice qT58
Spice QT-58 has a singular mini Qwerty form factor. This phone is for those people who need a qwerty phone as they do lots of messaging though don’t wish a large and massive phone. With is smaller distance it is essentially targeted towards girls and immature ladies. Good partial is that it is a Dual SIM phone with a trackpad instead of a trackball. Sound peculiarity is good with twin speakers. Camera is simple 1.3 MP. It comes with widgets for Facebook and Opera Mini browser. If we are gentle with a smaller qwerty keypad and if 2 in. shade is fine, this is a good phone as a cost is also unequivocally unequivocally cheap.

Best Price: Rs. 2,629

Lava b8
Lava B8 is a new Qwerty mobile from Lava. It is a good looking phone with horde of good features. It comes with a 2.3 in. arrangement and a 3.2 MP camera with Flash (which can also be used as a flash) and digital zoom. A 2GB microSD label is enclosed with a mobile. It facilities amicable networking widgets for Facebook and Twitter. Instant messaging support for is also benefaction around Nimbuzz app. Opera Mini browser is pre-installed. It also supports pull mail and java apps. It has useful facilities like recording for FM radio and support as a webcam. Overall Lava B8 offers a lots of reward facilities for a cost point.

Best Price: Rs. 3,979

MVL g81
MVL G81 is another bill qwerty phone with a USP being built in Push Mail around MVL Connect. It comes with a 2.4 in. arrangement and a 3.2 MP camera. Keypad is full qwerty and trackpad is accessible for navigation. It is a java enabled phone and supports all java applications. Other than this, amicable networking support is supposing around Snaptu app and Instant Messaging around Nimbuzz app. Opera Mini browser comes preloaded. It also comes with a leather pouch. Overall it’s a decent phone and identical to a ones supposing by Micromax and Lava though with an combined advantage of Push Mail.

Best Price: Rs. 3,999

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