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Too cool for the cost

: Apart from launching and creating ripples in the home appliances sector, LG has also forayed into the mobile phone arena from time to time. Adding another handset to its Cookie family of mobile phones and carrying forward the legacy as well, LG launched Wifi T310i that consists of a funky looking exterior with reliable features.

The body of the phone seems quiet sturdy and appears swish in black and red colour combination. Moreover, the buttons for various operations like calling, disconnecting, back etc are well designed and integrated. Also, the slot for charging is also solely present at the side of the phone that is easy to track and utilise. There is availability of a microSD card slot through which one can expand the external space up to 4GB.

The device has a 2.8 inch resistive touchscreen display that comes with a QVGA resolution and a cartoon UI. The clarity of the…

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