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Tokyoflash Kisai Escape C: Bluetooth Wireless Pendant From Another Planet

Let me start by observant this. we adore TokyoFlash. These guys have brought some of a coolest digital watch designs I’ve ever seen to a world, and now they’re amping adult their diversion with their initial consumer wiring gadget, a Escape C.


While this saucer-shaped device competence demeanour like something you’d use to accost your visitor mothership with, it’s indeed got somewhat some-more common ambitions. The Escape C pod is a wireless tool that lets we tide stereo audio from your Bluetooth able MP3 actor or mobile phone so we can listen to song and accept phone calls during a same time. The device supports A2DP and AVRCP profiles, and can bond adult to 33 feet divided from your media actor or phone.


The Kisai Escape C facilities a cold curvy design, lonesome with pleasing control buttons for media playback and usurpation calls. It’s thought for a iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch, though also can be used with programs like Skype on your PC. Of course, it wouldn’t be a ToykoFlash device though some arrange of inferior time-telling feature. So a Escape C offers adult some light-up blue LEDs around a fringe that uncover a stream time. I’ve got no thought how to figure out a time, though isn’t that partial of a fun?


Anywho, TokyoFlash hasn’t strictly announced a launch date yet, though word on a travel is that a Escape C will be expelled some time in Q1 2010, and will sell for 9,800 yen, (appx. $110 USD). Stay tuned for some-more details.

[via Egoism and Lowyat]

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