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Tip: Select your assembly on Facebook

Answer. You’re in luck! Facebook has an Audience Selector apparatus for your standing updates, print uploads and many other post types. Type your standing refurbish and afterwards click a Friends idol subsequent to a Post symbol in a lower-right dilemma of a refurbish box. You’ll see a drop-down menu of assembly options; name Custom. The tradition remoteness box will contend “Hide This From.” Enter your husband’s name into that box and strike Save Changes. Once we click Post, everybody will see that refurbish solely your husband.

Freeing adult space on iCloud

Q. I’d like to start syncing a information on my iPad and iPhone with iCloud, though 5 gigabytes doesn’t sound like adequate space. How can we make some some-more room?

A. In further to being a syncing tool, iCloud will behind adult many of your information and apps by default. In many cases, we don’t need that, and branch it off can save space. On both of your devices, go to SettingsiCloudStorage BackupManage Storage. Disable backup for any app by toggling a switch to off and afterwards drumming a red Turn Off Delete button. You’ll also save space if we keep your iCloud mail comment clean. If we have dozens of emails with vast attachments, we could be losing out on many of your storage space. Finally, keep in mind that purchases from a iTunes store don’t count opposite your storage limit, so we competence be means to do some-more with that 5GB than we expect.

Television aspect ratios

Q. we wish to buy a new TV, though many TVs don’t list their aspect ratio. What’s a good collect for video games and examination movies?

A. Most TVs don’t list aspect ratios since all high-definition TVs use a same one. You’re substantially used to traffic with mechanism monitors. Those come in several of opposite ratios such as 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, 5:4, 3:2, 5:3 and 17:9. we customarily suggest 16:9 or 16:10 for monitors. Luckily, TVs are many easier. Any TV with a 720p (1280 by 720) or 1080p (1920 by 1080) fortitude will have a 16:9 “widescreen” aspect ratio. The 16:9 ratio is already optimized for many complicated video games and movies. If we have a distance in mind that fits your bill already, we can buy it and rest positive that it’s a right aspect ratio.

Defrag a smartphone?

Q. we wish to purify adult my smartphone’s memory to boost a performance. Is it probable to defrag a smartphone like we would a computer?

A. While it’s technically possible, we would suggest that we don’t. Defragmenting, or defragging, is a routine of relocating and compressing information on your tough drive. This usually matters on normal tough drives. Smartphones use peep memory for storage instead and a earthy plcae of your information doesn’t matter to opening times. Not usually will we not see an boost in speed, though we competence digest your smartphone’s storage lifespan with a complicated information access.

Picking a right Wi-Fi encryption

Q. we wish to encrypt my Wi-Fi tie to keep criminals from regulating it, though a encryption options are treacherous me. What do all a acronyms mean?

A. Wi-Fi encryption comes in a few varieties and any one has a prolonged acronym. we could tell we what a acronyms mount for, though it wouldn’t assistance we know them any better. Instead, I’ll usually tell we that ones we wish to use. The many modernized encryption choice is WPA2-PSK(AES). That’s a one we wish whenever possible. Unfortunately, comparison wireless gadgets competence not be entirely concordant with it. In that case, go with a hybrid choice WPA-PSK(TKIP) +WPA2-PSK(AES). It is reduction secure, though some-more concordant with comparison hardware. If your router or a wireless tool usually supports WEP, it’s time to upgrade. These days, WEP is fundamentally a same has carrying no encryption enabled.

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