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Tim Tebow, Michael Jordan, and a Will To Win

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I theory it’s tellurian nature, though it seems that a weed is always greener somewhere else.

Why does a male with a super prohibited partner always finish adult cheating?

Why does a abounding business male get destitute for rascal when he already had some-more income than he could ever spend?

Why is it so easy to omit all of a good things in your life and instead concentration on few flaws?

It’s about time to stop looking during what Tim Tebow can’t do, and conclude what he can do.


A Tebow Comparable

Almost thirty years ago, a immature child from North Carolina entered a NBA with a lot of fanfare. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a genuine good shooter. He also didn’t play a lot of defense, and his flitting skills were scrutinized as well.

What if we had given adult on Michael Jordan since he couldn’t (yet) do all on a basketball court?

Shooting guards were ostensible to SHOOT a rock. Shooting guards were ostensible to play good defense. Shooting guards were ostensible to be purpose players – vouchsafing a large group and indicate guards lead their teams to victory. It didn’t matter that Jordan was a leader in college – he didn’t do things “the approach they’ve always been done.”

His Airness abandoned all of that. He had one thing that was larger than anyone he would ever play against: a extreme enterprise and will to win.

Eventually, he schooled to glow a rock. Oh yeah, he also finished adult personification a small invulnerability as well, and he became one of a many underrated passers of his era (just ask Steve Kerr and Jon Paxson).

What Is Tim Tebow?

What do we REALLY have with Tebow?  To be honest, we don’t unequivocally know.

I know he’s a solid, if not spectacular, curtain of a football.  I know he has a clever arm, though not an accurate one.

One thing is for certain though: he has that extreme enterprise and will to win.

How prolonged are we going to keep ignoring this?

More importantly, because do we demeanour past that trait of his and not a others?

How many players have had a talent of Michael Jordan?  Crazy jaunty sharpened guards are a dime a dozen these days. Vince Carter was MORE jaunty and a improved shooter right out of college. JR Smith, Jason Richardson, Clyde Drexler…need we keep going?

These guys all had identical if not improved ability sets than His Airness when they entered a league. But it was Jordan’s expostulate that distant him. That expostulate widespread to his teammates. That expostulate won him championships.

It was Jordan’s DRIVE that finished him a GOAT.

The required knowledge says that quarterbacks are ostensible to chuck a ball. It says that a QB’s many critical trait is accuracy. “Nobody has ever finished it this approach before.”

JaMarcus Russell still has a improved arm than Tim Tebow. So did Jeff George. So did large other busts outs.

As evidenced by them, it clearly takes some-more than a good arm to turn a good quarterback.

Tebow, Jordan, and The Will To Win

While we hunt for greener weed elsewhere and nitpick a actor that has led a common group to a 4-1 record,  we have abandoned a biggest strength that Tebow does have – a peculiarity that is presumably transcendent: a once-in-a-generation-like will to win.

What Tebow did on Thursday night could not have been some-more Jordan-like. How many times did Jordan quarrel by a tough game, conflict opposite a invulnerability whose whole idea was to stop him, usually to arise to a arise when it mattered a many and lead his group to victory?

Like Jordan, Tebow was a leader in college.

Like Jordan, Tebow creates a players around him better.

Like Jordan, Tebow does things a small differently.

Who cares if it wasn’t a playoff game? That competence as good have been “The Drive 2.0.”

Nobody questions a fact that it was Jordan’s will to win that distant him from everybody else.

Image source: Interbasket.net

Let’s stop criticizing Tim Tebow for possessing “little more” than a “Will to Win.”

Wouldn’t that be a FIRST trait we would built on if we were building “the ideal QB?”

So what that he’s unconventional.  Who cares?  Nobody had ever seen a 6’6″ sharpened ensure palm a round in his hands and asperse from a giveaway chuck line before either. we consider it’s protected to contend we would all go by a Michael Jordan knowledge again.

Today, we will substantially hear large critics speak about Denver’s invulnerability winning a game. Others will impugn a play of Mark Sanchez. All of them will try to disagree that for 55 minutes, Tebow wasn’t good.  (Of course, they will omit a fact that John Fox didn’t concede Tebow to do Tebow-Things until that indicate either.  With 8 mins left, trailing by 3 with a round inside your possess 10-yard-line, we call THREE CONSECUTIVE RUNS into a center of a line?  You have got to be teasing me.)

But once on a time, Michael Jordan went 13 for his initial 33 opposite a Utah Jazz in Game Six. What happened next?  Layup…steal…jumper…game time.

He got improved when it mattered. And we praised him for it.

The Grass Is Green In Denver

Give Tebow a same advantage of a doubt. Maybe, like Jordan, he usually lives for break time.

Let’s suffer what we DO have.  Let’s conclude his rival fire.  Let’s admire a approach his teammates ALL respond to him.  And who knows, maybe he will finish adult training to chuck a round around a small bit after all.

When that happens, we can all glance during and be grateful for a greenest weed around.


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