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This Week in a Life of DROID – 8/2/2013

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It was Moto X week, and child was it busy. We got adult a full examination of NVIDIA’s SHIELD unstable gaming console, and we did a ton of comparing of this year’s tip inclination opposite Moto’s newest flagship device. We posted adult an in-depth demeanour during what Moto’s X8 Computing System accurately is, and were also astounded by Google when they announced their new Android Device Manager. If we missed any of a idiocy (how could you?), take a look down next and locate up.

  • Watch: Droid Life Show Moto X Edition [Subscribe]
  • Watch: Moto X hands-on and unboxing.
  • Watch: Moto X underline rundown.
  • Review: NVIDIA SHIELD.
  • Hands-on with a MotoMaker website.
  • 9 things we should know about a Moto X.
  • Spec Comparison: Moto X vs. DROID ULTRA vs. MAXX vs. Mini.
  • Spec Comparison: Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Nexus 4.
  • Showdown: Moto X vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One.
  • Motorola and Google betray a Moto X.
  • Punit Soni confirms unlockable bootloader for certain Moto X variants, Verizon to get “Developer Edition.”
  • Google announces Android Device Manager, a apparatus to assistance we find your mislaid phone!
  • Sony Honami pictured, shows off 20+MP camera sensor.
  • What accurately is Moto’s X8 Computing System? We’ve got a answer for you.
  • Verizon roadmap shows Moto X launch scheduled for Aug 23.

Have a good weekend, folks!

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